Spooky Viola Harmonics

Spooky Viola Harmonics


Hi everyone, here is my contribution to the wonderful PianoBook library. Special thanks to Christian Henson for inspiring me to do this and to David Hilowitz for his excellent YouTube instruction!

These are one shot artificial harmonics samples ie the string is stopped normally, and then fingered (with the little finger) a 4th above the stopped note. Viola harmonics are more mellow and less squeaky than violin ones and sit in the register between C4 and C6.

The viola was recorded with my favourite mic – an AEA R44 to which I added a little reverb but left in some bow noise for more of an organic feel.

For the demo ’Spellbound’ I randomly choose a bunch of PianoBook instruments and built them around the Spooky Viola sound. No other samples or sounds were used. Thanks everyone for your sounds.

In order of appearance

Boars Hill Gate Post,
Spooky Viola Harmonics
Amped Bottle
Finger Muted iBach
Mountain Dulcimer
Wine Cork Hits
Studio Lucid Pizz Cello
Scary Violin Flautandos
Discord Choir
Confinement Celeste
DK Cello Spurs
Bowed Guitar Preset 2

Have fun!


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Mellow and less squeaky Viola harmonics

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