Pointillism Guitar

Pointillism Guitar


Recently I’ve become mildly obsessed with sounds that are somewhat chaotic yet beautiful at the same time. I wanted to try and recreate this feeling in my own music and decided since I’ve never created a sampler instrument before, it was about time I had a go at it.

The samples were made using my Fender Telecaster I’ve had since I was 14. Moving in minor thirds from C3 to C6, I recorded 12 takes on each note playing tremolo at random and inconsistent speeds. I recorded this directly into my audio interface, adding some in the box processing.

For me the instrument sounds best with a few tweaks to the envelope and a splash of reverb. I’ve made two versions of the instrument, one normal and one with the samples duplicated and panned to create a wider stereo image.

I had a lot of fun making this and I hope it can be useful for someone.


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A chaotic and beautiful tremolo texture created by a Fender Telecaster.


  1. EXS24 & Kontakt


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