Pizzicato Cello

Pizzicato Cello


As a classically trained musician and technologist, I have somewhat mixed feelings about sampling. That being said, I agree that it certainly opens up creative opportunities for those who may not have any formal musical instrument training and from my own point of view, it allows me to perform on instruments that I certainly would not be able to play without a great deal of time back in the practice room.

To that end, I have taken baby steps into the world of sampling and thanks to Christian and the many people supporting this forum, I have decided to share my first efforts. I have created three virtual instruments, the third of which is a pizzicato cello. You may know that pizzicato is a technique used by string players to pluck the string rather than bowing it. Frankly, this was simpler to sample than bowing too :-). As with the Ails-Kalimba, this instrument has four round-robins.

My wife is a professional cellist. We met in an orchestra in London in 1985 and have been together ever since. This virtual instrument is one of my wife’s practice cellos, also used for outdoor gigs where there may be weather challenges! (You may not know that most professional string players have outdoor instruments, my wife calls hers ‘an orange box’, because often a string instrument may be very old and worth a lot of money and can be easily damaged by rain or great/sudden changes in humidity).

This virtual instrument is called Pizzicato Cello: I think it has a nice sound, but would love feedback.


Paul… 🙂


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Beautiful pizzicato cello

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October 11, 2020

Beautiful pizzicato cello, I like it very very much. You could make samples of other articulations eg for sustain, spiccato 🙂 because this is great 🙂



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May 3, 2020

It takes strength of commitment to your craft to endure the time it takes to become a professional musician, I tried, I know. But to get there and then have the reward of playing the best music in the world with fellow musicians of great ability is a blessing itself. And then to meet the love of your life, is the added topping. Your generosity is shown here in these samples, thank you.

Mark Doney-Mccloud


A gorgeous set of cello pizz. with four round robins.

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