Lyra Pad

Lyra Pad


The “Lyra Pad” is an instrument created from sampling a bizarre Russian synth called “LYRA 8, Organismic Synthesizer”.

The “Lyra 8” is an unusual synth because it has no filter, envelopes or keyboard entry – just 8 oscillators and individual pitch knobs.

I through the “Lyra Pad” I wanted to explore the uniqueness of tone generated by the “Lyra 8” combined with traditional sampling/synthesis techniques such as envelopes, filtering and LFO’s.

I had great fun with this one, so, expect more instruments from me in the future.

Thanks and enjoy!

P.S. Be sure to try the mod wheel


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So great to be able to get my hands on this weird synth!

5.0 rating
September 28, 2020

Great pad instrument, thank you Jasper! I’ve been wanting to play with this synth since a 2017 Sound On Sound review, but couldn’t quite justify adding it to my collection. Having it in a more controllable and usable pad form – for free! – is fantastic! Thank you so much!



A multifaceted pad created from a Lyra 8.

5.0 rating
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