17This is sort of a time capsule for me . . . Not a representation of a particular instrument, but of a sonic idea.

In 1995 or so I sampled myself humming into a Casio SK-1. This made its way into the computer via FastTrackerII (DOS), later migrated to ModPlug (Windows) and took up residence in Renoise (Mac) for the better part of two decades. All of those programs were built around samplers, and I was quite happy to keep this instrument for my musical needs in Renoise until Piano Book opened up to non-piano instruments.

Along the way though, my uses for that sample had accumulated some details and additional layers. I added Sine waves at the top and bottom ends to round things out a bit, and then added a bass tone sampled from another Casio, this time the CZ1000 (a most underrated synth, I’d say). Although sometimes I use it in it’s more pure form . . . This came to be a sort of signature sound as a part of my ‘piano’ playing in my band. Especially combining this with Rhodes and piano, as my sample track.*

This is my first time building a Kontakt instrument, so I kept it simple, interface-wise, although as a graphic designer by day, this required some restraint.

As for the sounds, it comes ‘out of the box’ programmed the way I most often use it, with a band pass filter on, additional hi and lo pass filters for some sculpting, a delay, and saturation. I included controls for all these parameters, as well as removing the bass (CZ1000 sample), the subtle low sine wave, and adding space.

This has been a most useful instrument for me, I hope it inspires some others as well.

* the sample track represents my continued experiments in developing pieces inspired by Brian Eno’s Ambient 1, side 1, track 1.


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Wobbly and noisy in the best way

5.0 rating
June 21, 2021

Really inspiring one. Very analogue with noise you can easily filter out with the low pass.
Great deep bass too.

Jim Sanger

Indefinable goodness

4.0 rating
March 1, 2021

To begin with, let’s get one thing straight: Any samplist who mentions being inspired by Brian Eno’s ‘Ambient’ is already an ally with good taste and ears. It’s taken me a while to get around to reviewing this instrument, though, because I don’t quite know what to say about it. It’s going to sound like a cop out because it is: You have to hear it for yourself. There’s an unquantifiable something to Lullaby that words alone can’t express – otherwise, why would we need music? Carlos’s description explains that this instrument wasn’t created but has evolved over time, and that’s probably why it sounds so good to me. Thanks, Carlos.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


A time capsule of a 1995 vocal recording combined with other synths

4.5 rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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