King’s Cross London Undergound

King’s Cross London Undergound


Spitfire Audio hosted an incredible event in London this past February which gave me the opportunity to both see the city for the first time, and to meet some of the incredible members of the Pianobook community! After the festivities had ended, a few of us composers went out to dinner where we had the “brilliant” idea to sample an upright piano we had passed in the King’s Cross underground station the day before. The intonation was deplorable, and at least five keys flat-out didn’t work. But close your eyes while playing and you’re practically teleported to the station!

We recorded everything with my phone and tried our best to pause during the announcements and the louder portions of the crowds. Velocity layers are decent but we didn’t manage to record round robins. To make up for that I included a fun bonus feature controlled by CC1!


Special thanks to Christopher Belsey, Jess Henderson, and Thorsten Hoppe for performing, and encouraging this reckless sampling behavior!



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One of the Kings Cross upright pianos sampled with the ambience of the great station!

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