Glistening Rhapsody

Glistening Rhapsody


I’ve had an Elka Rhapsody 610 on my workbench for a while now; whilst I’m still waiting for some capacitors to arrive to finish recapping, it’s now in a state where it’s fine ‘in the mix’ and has been allowed some studio time.
As it has a “Piano” sound it seemed a great idea to sample that for Pianobook. However, the piano sound is about the most boring sound the Rhapsody can make, so that idea went somewhat in the bin (for now).

One day, by accident I monitored it through the wrong channel and it made a great almost distorted sound. I worked a bit on that and ended up with a ‘Reverb – Pitch Shift -1 Oct – Reverb’ chain through which I sampled.
You can find this sound, as well as the rather angelical and pure piano through the same effect chain.

Sadly, I think they’ve turned out far too drenched, but maybe some people will get some use out of them.

The patches just use the raw samples without any effects or scripting, but it might be worthwhile to adjust the release according to taste.



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An Elka Rhapsody 610 recorded with a distorted sound.

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