We’d love to hear demos you have made of any of the instruments uploaded to Pianobook. To share your demo

  1. Upload your track to your personal SoundCloud page.
  2. Add information in your title and a brief description of the Pianobook instrument (or instruments) you used for the demo. E.g.
  3. Visit the pianobook SoundCloud page and click the ‘Send a message’ button to tell us about your track and we’ll list it on our playlists.

Want some inspiration? Check out the demos in the Soundcloud player on this page.

Note: You don’t need to write a demo specifically for one of the pianos – you could upload an existing track you have composed, replacing the piano part with a Pianobook Piano.

Make sure your track is set to ‘Public’ as ‘Private’ tracks can’t be reposted.

Please refrain from submitting demos for instruments that are not yet available to download on the site. 

Demo tracks featuring five or more Pianobook instruments will be added to the ‘Multiple Pianobook Instrument’ playlist instead of added to each individual instrument playlist.

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