Ef Nerva’s Reviews

  • So close, yet so distant

    What a lovely instrument. It's soft and intimate, but cold in a way. Then there's the pedalboard knob, which just takes it creatively to a whole other place that is distant and rough, but in a good way. Blended together they form a very inspiring instrument that sounds phenomenal. Really fantastic work and thank you for releasing it for free.

    Maine Upright16 October 2021
  • Happy Zimmer

    Dark ethereal pads taking you into the wilderness of space. That was what I was expecting, but instead it turned out to be Happy Ethereal Pads with plucky pianos. Well, space is supposed to be fun, and I suppose it's even more fun trying to catch that glass of wine in a place with no gravity. Love the sounds and the fun interface. Thanks.

    Interstellar Wine16 October 2021
  • Gritty goodness

    The sounds used to give me inspiration to the fullest. Sorry for the past tense - I have yet to get myself out of the vintage vibes of this juicy library

    Relic Keyboard14 October 2021
  • Not pretending to be pretty

    This is not one of those pianos where you play a beautiful chord, note by note, and listen as the sound waves slowly glide over your eardrums. No. This is the one that couldn't care less if you ate pancakes in the morning or spilled coffee on the console. It's up to you to figure out a way to make her work. If you manage to do that, you will be greeted with sounds that pack a different kind of emotion, one that you could never get from the "pretty".

    The Gaffer13 October 2021
  • Resonates with texture

    It changes, it resonates, it screeches in just the right way. What a beautiful library to use for building soundscapes and tension in a very simplistic fashion.

    Subtle Clarinet16 October 2021