Winter Textures: Terms and Conditions

I understand that whilst the sample pack produced as part of this Pianobook Project will be freely available, Community members who download the pack may use the audio contained within for commercial purposes, such as commercial recordings and compositions.

The sample pack will not be sold for commercial purposes by Pianobook or Spitfire Audio, however, a charity may be chosen for optional donation. 

Under the terms and conditions of the Pianobook website, any audio files contained within the sample library are not to be converted into new sample libraries which are not freely available or associated with Pianobook.

Any files that do not follow the naming convention may not be used as part of this project. Names within the files will be publicly available. If you do not wish to share your name, please use an appropriate replacement in order to keep the file names consistent (e.g. Name). If you wish to participate anonymously, you will not be considered for the prize draw.

Any file names deemed inappropriate by the Pianobook team will not be included as part of the project, and your name will be removed from the prize draw.

You also acknowledge that the creator(s) of the Sample Library may not use your audio/ video files for creative or practical reasons. This will not affect your entry into the prize draw.

The email you submit will be used as a method of contact if there is an issue with your files, or if you have won a prize as part of the competition.

Entrants who submit audio/ video files that are not related to the Pianobook Project, or are deemed inappropriate by the Pianobook team will be disqualified from participation in both the Project and Winners Draw.

By submitting files for this Pianobook Project, you confirm that you are the legal owner of the files. Any files deemed to be in breach of this trust will not be included as part of the project.

Pianobook and Spitfire Audio do not take responsibility for any audio/ videos files submitted that are in breach of copyright or deemed illegal. The responsibility will fall upon the submitter of the file, and legal action may be taken against you should you break copyright law or infringe upon the rights of an individual or company. 

The winners draw will be randomly selected, and the results of this draw are final. The prizes will be decided by Christian Henson and Spitfire Audio. If you already own the prize, you will be contacted and offered an equivalent option.

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