Winter Voices

We are no longer taking submissions for Winter Voices. If you didn’t get a chance to enter, don’t worry, there will be more Pianobook projects you can participate in early next year!

Tune in to Christian’s YouTube channel on Christmas day 2020 to find out what we’ve created. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

Meanwhile, check out the Pianobook Advent Calendar on the homepage – a new free instrument every day!

Following on from Music for 300 Strangers, this Winter we’re asking the Pianobook community to come together again to create the biggest sample pack ever!

We’re calling it Winter Voices– a sample library made up of evolving voices and textural sound sources. We would love as many people to take part as possible, and they will be prizes for the best and most innovative submissions.

Simple Instructions

  1. Select a note:

    C0 – G0 – D1 – A1 – E2 – B2 – F#3 – C#4 – G#4 -D#5

2. Record your sample using a phone or a microphone for 7-10 seconds.

Remember, we are looking for samples that evolve, are textural, and are voice-like if you are not singing. There will be prizes for the best and most innovative submissions.

3. Export the video file or if you are just submitting audio make sure you export the file in .wav format, with a sample rate of 48000Hz. No Mp3s please!

4. Upload your video and sample to YouTube, making sure to tag your video #PianobookWinterVoices.


Upload your audio sample to Dropbox, using the link below. Make sure you label your file appropriately so we can track you down if you win a prize!

File Name: Full_Name_WinterVoices_Note (e.g. Christian_Henson_WinterVoices_F#3.


Can I submit more than one sample?

Yes, but please do not submit the same note (maximum of 10 samples).

What Tuning should be used?

We would like everyone to record to A = 440Hz.

Do I need to Sing?

No, you can use any sound source you wish, but please make sure you aim to make your sample sound choral or voice-like (reverb is your friend here!).

Can I add Effects or Plugins to my audio?

Yes, please feel free to use as many effects or plugins as you like. We are not looking to make a dry library here!

Does my sample need to be stereo or mono?

Mono is preferable, but if you wish to submit a stereo file, please make sure it is panned centrally.

Can I use audio that I have not created?

No! Please make sure you are the legal owner of any sample files/ audio/ video you submit to us. Pianobook, Christian Henson, and Spitfire Audio do not take responsibility for any copyright infringement caused by participants submitting copyrighted audio/ video / files.

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