Yamaha PS2 Synth

Retro inspired 1980s keyboard

The story

I’ve had this little synthesiser hanging around the studio for a few months now and have absolutely loved using the sounds in contexts that it was never intended for. However, I found that only being able to use one sound at once to be frustrating and so I have created this instrument to allow users to blend between all 5 available sounds. I added chorus, drive, reverb and cutoff to expand the capabilities of this little synth and combined it all into a retro-inspired UI. MIDI CC 11 controls the cutoff with your mod wheel This is my first pianobook instrument and I’m looking forward to creating many more. It would be great to get some feedback so that I can make my next sample library even better! Ed x


Reviews for Yamaha PS2 Synth

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  • A super nice retro synth!

    If you like chip-tune style sounds, this will definitely be your thing! The fact that you can blend all those sounds together makes it even better. The only thing I'd personally want is a bigger range, just to have more of such a cool instrument. Simply lovely!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022