Woven Strings

The library includes a collection of drones and phrases performed by Avery Bright, featuring violin, viola, and octave viola.

The story

Woven strings is a collaboration between myself and violinist extraordinaire Avery Bright. We sampled his violin, viola and octave viola in 2 separate articulations, drones and phrases. All of the samples were recorded in his other-worldly home studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The drones are quiet and intimate, while the phrases are both beautiful and haunting. Use Woven strings to add a human touch to large string sample libraries, or feature the drones and phrases in tightly recorded folk and acoustic music.


Reviews for Woven Strings

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  • Beautiful and soulful collection

    Absolutely a stellar collection of tone, vibe and inspiration. Worth far more than the price which is FREE! Beautifully done.

    rronzoo30 April 2022
  • A masterpiece of an instrument

    This is an absolutely incredible instrument, a true gem. The strings are impeccable, and they come with an additional section featuring some mesmerizing violin performances with grace notes, that can be blend with the other strings as well. All together produce this whimsical experience, one that you can't really find even in premium instruments.

    The best thing is that this is also made available for DecentSampler and works perfectly fine too, with the only difference that the "performance" section is not indicated in the keys.

    If I could "complain" about something (just in hope to get an update) it would be that the phrases contain either tones or semi-tones, which makes them unsuitable depending on the scale you are using. It would be just perfect if you had a keyswitch or something, so you can switch between whole-tones or semi-tones.

    Even without that, it's a 5/5. Thank you deeply, Jon!

    As a final note, if you decide to use either Kontakt or DS, be sure to delete the other files, because they are duplicate and they use the exact same samples.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022
  • Class

    5 stars all the way for this beautiful and intimately captured instrument

    Jim Sanger03 May 2022
  • vibrant

    Truly believable strings. a spacious and fascinating violin. actually high end.

    Ben03 May 2022
  • An amazing contribution

    Wow!! This truly is an incredible sample pack. The phrases are so tasteful and cover an immense range of expression from 'delicate' to 'majestic'.

    Thanks for the extraordinary effort and for sharing the prototype.

    Geoff Ereth04 May 2022
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