Turnagain Drums

A simple and raw set of drums recorded in a small living room.

The story

A while back, while still living in Alaska, I was inspired to try my hand at sampling, And working mostly in rock and metal, the obvious thing to sample would be a drum kit, So I got together with a friend, neighbour and former co worker of mine and decided to set his kit up in my living room and just capture it all as is. He is a punk drummer and his practice space was very raw, and so there was no real push to tune the drums perfectly, pick a great room or do much else other than capture him on his kit as he likes it. This kit is recorded mostly on cheap and budget gear to capture the feeling of an underground band trying to track themselves in their own practice space. The idea was to be a proof of concept for me to experiment with kit building on. So with only a few hits on each kit piece I was able to build the initial Logic Sampler instrument, and continue on to making a working Kontakt and Decent Sampler instrument with some simple UI. The EXS version has the full kit as well as an instrument for each mic and a Logic patch that made a multi instrument out of the individual mics. This was my first ever build in Kontakt and Decent Sampler and has been a learning experience. I agonised over the name of it for a while, Wanting to call it the Concussion Kit for the band he played in at the time, but the band is no longer together, We both lived in a small ski town and I considered Alyeska for the resort in town, But figured despite the word being older than the brand, It made less sense, So I settled on naming it for the Turnagain Arm, A wonderful and scenic area of Alaska we have to drive through any time we had business in Anchorage, This kit for me represents the kind of rugged DIY attitude of the area and makes me feel nostalgic for home.


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  • Great Drums, Ride Cymbal needs work

    I like this set a lot. The drums themselves are very raw and real sounding. Very tight and snappy. The cymbals need some help. The ride cymbals especially sound odd, but this is a problem with most of the drum sampler sound sets here for Decent Sampler. Realistic cymbals are VERY hard to reproduce. But I do recommend for very mellow song projects that don't use the ride cymbal a lot.

    Dimaension X22 October 2021
  • Meaty, roomy but difficult.

    These drums sound great in the right context - they can be a bit roomy overall, but can be used in interesting ways, even if they don't work well in a traditional drum context.

    Nolram17 October 2021
  • Nice overall sound, weird mapping!

    This is a decent and impactful drum kit that plays really well, but has some mapping quirks!

    First and most important to me, is that the open hi-hat doesn't stop ringing if you press a closed one. The other quirk is that there are some cymbal sounds on the LEFT of the kick, which I personally haven't seen any where before and the funny thing is that there are empty spots inbetween the samples too, so they could have fit perfectly in a different place.

    The toms also have some empty spots for no reason. It would be better to be more compact or to even have the same samples but tuned down just a bit, no one would notice! It sounds awesome nonetheless, and the quality is great overall, so you should definitely try it out.

    It should be also noted that this comes with full EXS and Kontakt support, although it's not labeled in either the thumbnail nor the download button.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Vibey sounding drum set

    If you're looking for very vibey drums, this might be the ticket for you. The recording is airy and there's definitely some room sound going on. That kind of adds to the authenticity for me, but YMMV. Overall, well recorded and very playable!

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021
  • Great for a first-time samplist...

    First of all, fantastic job on creating such a comprehensive and well designed library on your first try. I also appreciate how you designed the library for several different plugins to make sure that everybody could use it regardless of what system they use. The samples are definitely very raw, which may work for some, but if you're looking for a clean and crisp drum set, this probably isn't the way to go. The mappings for the drums was also odd in my opinion. I might try taking a look at how Logic map their default drum kits to the keys since that's a little more understandable and usable in my opinion. Great job, can't wait to see where you go next!

    Christopher19 October 2021
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