Tunnel Voices

Voice and dripping tunnel sounds, best played low.

The story

Best served low, Christian decamped with his crew to a dark and dank tunnel underneath Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh to see if he could create a viable submission for Pianobook’s winter voices. Whilst the samples sound OK when played in the lower registers we’re not so keen on the dripping water. Ideal for you to use on projects that required voice AND dripping tunnels.

Reviews for Tunnel Voices

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Super creepy and deep

    A well made sound with a lot of creativity behind it. Instant-spooky feels.

    Heikki Ketola13 October 2021
  • Interesting high and low, unique vocal library!

    Very interesting! Higher range has such a unique texture, almost comical. But lower range has a warm and calm sound. It would add a unique tone to the composition. I think no GUI?

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Another great one from Christian

    Personally I love all the dark mysterious sounds that you can make with this one. Drop the tone down low and wonderful things start happening. I'm sure it will come in very handy somewhere soon.

    Ray18 October 2021
  • Low range

    I agree with everyone and christian that the high end is a little silly and unusable. It reminds me of some of the early computer inspired instruments on pianobook which i personally dont like but i know alot of people really do. The low end is dark, rich and huge. Its such a full sound that really draws you in. The water dripping sounds also sound really cool in my opinion. I think its most suitable for horror with the subtle pitch shifting but it can also be used in a beautiful context. I wanna try it out with some ambient guitar and see what happens

    septemberwalk09 November 2021
  • Eastern Mysteries

    A great sense of character and foreboding. Not sure the dripping is really a problem given its probably use cases. Mystical and uneasy. Hmmm...Who's gonna get it?

    Mark Lord06 December 2021
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