Triple Felt Experiment

Felt Felt Felt.

The story

Can you have too much felt?

The answer is of course no! Here’s a vid about how we made it.

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  • Soft

    I remember downloading the LABS Soft Piano and playing it for the first time. I felt something wonderful, something so different, so calming. This seemed to accentuate that feeling further.

    Andrew_Reeds12 October 2021
  • Warm and tender, another very nice felt piano to have!

    Thank you sooo much for creating this!! As a piano lover, especially felt piano, this is a must have library for me. Beautifully captured, versatile felt piano. This is just perfect!

    Asuka Amane22 October 2021
  • No Christian, felt pianos are not dead!

    Felt pianos are awesome. TRIPLE felt pianos are awesome x3! This has to be one of my favourite Pianobook instruments. It's a piano, but at the same time it's so different from what you've heard. It's percussive yet smooth, warm and romantic. It is meant for you to play on it during a cold rainy night, with your socks on, next to a hot cup of chocolate that don't want to knock off the table. It's melancholic, nostalgic and wholesome at the same time. Big thanks to Christian for such a gift.

    Alex Raptakis05 November 2021
  • Perfect for adding details to a clean piano

    This library is a must have, for two purpose. 1. It can add life to any piano you have, with peaceful noises and hammer light hits. 2. It can be used standalone, with strings textures, with arpeggiator, to give to your music a soft rythme without strong main melody, a soft structure. I use it in every song that needs to be organic.

    Oathr12 October 2021
  • Soft and unique Release triggers

    This is a really beautiful and muted piano. It might be nice to add some extras verb because since its so heavily felted, the sustain is naturally shorter. This piano is so warm and characterful, i think its going to fit really nicely into something im working on right now. The high end still has that beautifully shimmery quality but the extra felt also gives it this dampened sound which is really percussive and pleasing. The only thing is since the piano is muted i find the release triggers to be too loud in relation to the piano. This is definitely the heaviest felted piano ive ever played and while its not useful in every situation its super unique sounding and awesome to have around.

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
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