Make your own dinosaur movie soundtrack with this collection of ominous and mysterious sounds!

The story

Make your own monster movie soundtrack with this collection of ominous and mysterious sounds. Originally sourced from a cheap 90s synth, with dusty key pads and a crackling jack, this instrument surfaces four creatures to choose from, each with its own adjustable character. Mix and match to build tense and brooding textural landscapes!


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  • Inspiring

    Really cool sounds! I love the style of this UI. It's cool that the character knobs do something different for each of the four sounds. Some change modulation speed, while others change the pitch. The incorporation of the mod wheel to band pass is a nice touch.

    obolig23 October 2021
  • Fun GUI, inspiring sounds!

    There's lots of like about this sample pack, starting with the fun GUI. Usually, I don't like unlabeled controls. However, it quickly became clear that the top row of knobs controls the volume level of each range, while the bottom row does something different to each sound. Given the non-tonal somewhat aleatoric nature of these sounds, it didn't matter too much what each knob did. Each was impactful, and that's all that really mattered. Although this pad is somewhat limited in its usefulness, it's still fun and cool and is a great started for any tense and dramatic scene.

    Sam Ecoff26 October 2021
  • Terrific execution, but sounds kind of muddy

    A very cool ambient pad instrument that wants to resemble itself with the nature of dinosaurs. And it works, kind of. While the sound design is interesting, I find the "nature" of the two first dinosaurs to be a little muddy in general, as it is not clear to me what exactly is going on. Think of it as a very abstract pad. The other two dinosaurs on the right represent more sudden, almost percussive sounds.

    The coloured keys that represent each dinosaur is very thoughtful, and while the GUI design is amazing, I'd love to have labels on the knobs, just for the sake of it.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Awesome GUI and Tense sound

    This sounds really cool, there's a lot of tension packed into it which would be awesome for scary scenes and it is ever evolving and interesting. The GUI also looks really good and professional. Maybe the only critique of it would be that it would be nice to say what the effect sliders are doing because there's just pics of dinosaurs on them so there's no way of instantly knowing what they do without testing them. Overall really awesome though and really fun name which also lets on what to expect from this. Great and creative job here

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
  • Star Trek meets The Clangers

    Once I'd figured out that each of the "animals" occupy a different range on the keyboard I was away. Love the way each "character" control does something completely different depending on the animal you're "playing". Really great GUI that "explains" what to do with the instrument instantly - just goes to show how important a good UI is.

    Mark Lord05 December 2021
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