Thrumming Textures: Pads

Pads created from Dan Keen's thrumming textures....

The story

Dan Keen’s awesome electric and acoustic guitar thrumming textures served as the basis for resampling. These were then mangled through various effects to create 5 synth pad sounds which aim to capture a real sense of movement and texture.


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  • A horror synth at your fingertips

    This instrument seems very versatile and it will not disappoint you. You will find lots of options inside for you to play around and create a sound that will perfectly match your prefered atmosphere. I noticed a small problem though. If you hold a note for a long time, the sample automatically stops, and it doesn't even trigger a release sample - it just stops immediately. This shouldn't be a big concern though because for such a case you can retrigger it with a big release and no one would really notice.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Thrums? more like Stuns

    Stunning resampling work, Great textural layers to build out any mix. A few pads here and there require some extra sauce for my taste but nothing too wrong with that.

    Forrest Love15 October 2021