The Wasp

One person's cheap plastic looking synth is another person's treasure. The Wasp has become a staple synth in recent years as dance producers go after its raw 80s tones.

The story

Recorded at Goldsmith University’s Electronic Music Studios, this Wasp is an original from 1979 that has survived numerous bounces and greasy fingers over the years. This sample pack captures its raw mix of digital oscillators and also provides a preset that emulates its sought after portamento glide. Originally a monophonic synth, sampling enables the previously impossible- polyphony and voice doubling. Be sure to enable more voices, the driver, and compressor to experience the full thickness this bass synth can provide!


Reviews for The Wasp

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  • GUI

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  • A very high quality synth with tons of options

    This is a very well made instrument with top-tier and crystal clear sampling combined with a vast array of settings to play and shape your sound, including 4 different wave knobs, filter and full ADSR controls. You will find two patches, one dedicated to a separate arpeggiator function which works amazingly well, and one with a solo glide function. All of this is packed in a well-designed and clean looking GUI.

    It plays really well too, with the range spread accross the entire keybed, except the highest octave which is still accessible if you enable glide!

    Speaking about gliding, if you want to "return" to the same note after gliding to another (for example C > G > C), you will have to re-play the first note, otherwise it will get cut. It's a little weird if you are used to other instruments with a glide function but it's definitely not a big deal.

    Overall it's an amazing and very well made instrument that deserves everyone's attention for sure!

    Alex Raptakis04 April 2022
  • Cool synth with lots of functionality

    I've never played or heard a Wasp synth and don't often write using this kind of instrument or listen to this style. Nevertheless, I can appreciate this pack for its accessibility/ease of use and versatility. The GUI is very straightforward and intuitive, with plenty of settings to tweak the sound. The arpeggiator provides fuel for instant 'riff' writing, and the glide patch provides a nice lead to throw over the top. Definitely something I'd like to play around with more and use for some more exploratory composition, and just a generally well-designed and well-crafted instrument sample instrument.

    Eamon10 April 2022
  • The Sounds of Wasp Captured

    Angus has accurately and effective capture the sound of the EDP wasp. I never owned an actual Wasp, but I had the B------r clone for a while before I grew a conscience and sold it. This sample pack definitely has that sound. It's great to be able to blend the timbres of the different waves.

    The Arpeggiator button takes you to a page with not only an arpeggiator, but also allows you to switch on Drive, reverb, and compression. This library is fun, playable, inspiring, and useful.

    I found certain aspects of the GUI a bit confusing, however. The layout of the ADSR controls and filter controls was not particularly intuitive to me. It seems to me that the cutoff and resonance knobs want to be next to each other, the noise knob wants to be near the volume levels for the oscillators, and the ADSR controls probably want to be in one row. I also found the behavior of the drive, reverb, and compressor controls somewhat confusing. When you mouse over them, they turn white, which is similar to how they look when they're activated. If you hover over one of the controls with your mouse, you can't tell if it is activated or not. You have to click and then move your mouse away rom the control. These are all exceptionally minor critiques at the end of the day, however. What matters is the sound, and Angus has got that part exactly right! Nice work providing access to an instrument which most of us will never get to see, much less play!

    Sam Ecoff06 May 2022