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A perfectly imperfect sample instrument featuring the voices of my family. We take family photos every year in an attempt to capture the moment, so why not create a lasting memory of our voices? Each voice was recorded through a U47 clone.

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  • One of the best choirs on pianobook

    I found nothing to complain about this. It is a very versatile choir that I have already used in a couple of tracks and its one of the better ones on Pianobook. Easy to use UI with the mix between singers and it works flawlessly.

    Heikki KetolaSamplist 13 October 2021
  • Love the sound of boys choir

    This is one of the first samples I downloaded from Pianobook. The boys choir has a personality, an imperfect pitch fit my needs perfectly! The GUI was also eye-catching and the playability was outstanding.

    Asuka Amane13 October 2021
  • Simple and beguiling

    What a lovely idea! It's beautifully recorded and sounds absolutely authentic if you stick within the natural range of the vocals. Outside of the natural range the pitched samples lean more towards a vocal effect / synth sort of instrument, adjusting the ADSR controls to get a responsive synth sound resulted in a sound I certainly wasn't expecting from a choir like this. It's got an etheral sort of vibe and I love it - I don't have another choir that comes close.

    Giles M15 August 2022
  • Extraordinaire and very creative!

    I LOVED this, both for the idea and the execution! It's the definition of character and I feel honoured that Jon shared this with us. It's so wholesome and the quality is very high. In more detail you will find an ADSR setting, and individual volume sliders for each family member, in both wet and dry signals. I do wish the GUI was slightly different, but I don't want to take away the 5-star rating from this.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Unique and strange sound

    This is a very unique imperfect choir library but this is why i fell in love with pianobook in the first place. Unless I'm mistaken labs choir comes from the praised Eric Whitacre Chior. However i would much rather use the Meyer Choir as i feel the labs choir is too sterile, clean and predictable. Theres a-lot of modulation and weirdness in this library and i think it sounds especially great in the mid/ low area. The GUI is also pretty cool.

    septemberwalk24 October 2021
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