The Maze

Work your way around the Maze and discover the soundscapes

The story

Welcome to the Maze.
The Maze sample pack was inspired during my time looking around some of my sound design audio files and folders, it was apparent to me the lack of organization when it comes to putting the files in some sort of order that would enable me to quickly locate them.
I said to myself, “Oh this is like a maze trying to find the correct files”, and then I thought that would work well for a pianobook sample pack!

I used some of my older sound design files and created some new ones by sampling a music box, water, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, metal work tools, fridge freezer motor, broken violin, human voice, wooden tube, USB SDR receiver, glass chimes, water pump, air cooling fan, mechanical DVD player and a metal detector.
All the sounds have been pitched, EQ’d and time stretched with some added FX and modulation tweaks plus some rerecorded and then time stretched again.
The sample pack works best on the lower range notes.


Reviews for The Maze

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  • So much fun!

    This is a fantastic instrument (or instruments) and I'll reiterate, it's so much fun to use. I've been playing around with it for an hour and the seemingly endless possibilities are staggering, overwhelming and wonderful.

    I can't think of any style or genre of music that couldn't benefit from Maze. It would be the perfect platform for a "One Instrument Challenge" sort of dealio.

    I download and try everything Decent and love most of it, have kept and used half of it and I've gotta say, this one really lands in the sweet spot for me.

    I was going nuts about not being able to save presets until I remembered that Waveform allows me to work around that "in-DAW". At last glance, I must have about 20 presets and they all are very different one from another.

    Thank you very much for sharing this, Martin Andrew Smith.

    S16 July 2022
  • Incredible

    If you like sound design? And don't have time to come up with something, this will cover a lot of ground for you. Not only the sounds by themselves, but as a great jumping-off point for inspiration. I personally think this is the best library here. The Maze will amaze you. Thank you!

    wilus16 July 2022
  • WOW!

    I can not find words. Very imaginative and inspiring. I can find something new in it for hours.

    Genzomia05 August 2022
  • Rewarding and Fun

    This is a nice instrument from MAS. The GUI brings a interesting approach for sound creation. As do the sounds. At first it was a bit mysterious, but soon caught up with its application (one little note about the GUI perhaps some bolder lines and colours could help to the user find, identify, and to pilot their way around all the sound options).
    The end result is a lot of possibilities. Noted another review about saving presets. This can be done by clicking FILE/DEVELOPER TOOLS/SAVE PRESET. Then the preset is saved within the DS instruments folder. And not subject to the vagaries of the DAW loosing them.
    I'm finding making presets a lot of fun, as it should be. Perhaps user presets can be shared on Discord for this and other DS Instruments.

    Bemused18 July 2022
  • What a fun GUI!

    Well the GUI is fabulous. What a great idea, and some nicely curated sounds to play with.

    It's weird, but being able to build your own sound from those available in such a quirky way makes it feel somehow different - you're compelled to try every sound and mix and match them together in different ways than you might with a standard vertical slider palette. I can't explain why.

    Also, thanks to Bemused for the note about being able to save presets in DS - that's going to come in really handy!

    QorbeQ19 July 2022
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