The Jazzman

An old Crumar Jazzman, in disrepair, sampled for prosperity...

The story

I had an old crumar jazzman in 2003/4 – a very poor mans transistor Rhodes type piano, my Jazzman was broken, I didn’t know how to fix it so I sold it for spares…. before I did that I sampled it, or at least I sampled the notes that were working! This year, I built this Kontakt instrument & then thought I’d add some processed layers so you get the Jazzman in all its glory, a shimmer, fuzz, moog trem and oscillating delay. I also added a time stretched ‘long’ and sub bass, because who doesn’t love sub bass?

I don’t have a picture of it that i own or have permission to use, so I drew it!

Many thanks, James


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  • Overall very nice...

    I like the sound that you can get out of this pack; it has a very interesting and unique quality that is hard to mimic. The biggest issue that I had was that the GUI controls weren't labeled, so customizing the sound was a slow process of trial and error. Other than that it's a perfectly good library! Great work!

    christopher19 October 2021
  • Amazing!... If you careful with it!

    This is a simply amazing instrument and I recommend it to pretty much everyone. The sound quality is amazing, with a lot of character, and I can see it fitting in many scenarios, from dreamy ambient scenes to horror buildups. I like the GUI, but the knobs have no labels, so you have to play around with them and understand what everything is. With that said, please BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ARE MESSING WITH THE KNOBS, because at high settings, it goes INCREDIBELY LOUD. I was testing it with headphones and it was a very unpleasant experience. This needs to be fixed... Anyway, you will also find a spring reverb button and a delay, with no further adjustments available. Don't get confused with the way-too-many instruments to choose as they are different option presets of the exact same instrument.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • Great tone with some versatile patches

    Lovely rich tone to The Jazzman, the most characterful patch being '2 Peaks' which I just used in a pitch for a film. It has an almost creepy vibe to it which was exactly what I was looking for. The 'Warp' patch is also unique sounding and will come in handy for sure. Would love to have some extra velocity layers to increase improve the playability but can't fault the overall sound. If you're looking for an electric piano kind of vibe but something a little different then this is worth a shot! Great job and thank you!

    Max McGuire13 October 2021