The Cracklebox

The third and final instruments in my EMS trilogy, this synth box is full of lo-fi character and analogue textures.

The story

Recorded at Goldsmiths University last year, this sample pack converts the rare Cracklebox synth by Michel Waisvisz into a playable software instrument. Within the two instruments contained in this pack are four different sound sets that can be combined and blended together. These sound sets where taken from two 15 minute sessions where I improvised and stretched the instrument to its limit, before I could no longer take the electric shocks!


Reviews for The Cracklebox

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  • love the second patch "cracklebox2"

    As stated contains two .nki instruments. really loved the sound of the second instrument incredibly granular sounding as well as being somewhat musical. Tons of work went into these instruments. Both instruments contain 4 oscillators so one can change sound depending on requirement. The GUI is minimal black and white and very easy to navigate.

    Eoin O'Dowd27 June 2022