Synth Glimmers

A lush, evolving synth pad!

The story

Utilising the same techniques as Southsea Glimmer. I sampled the legendary Dx7 and Juno-60 in swarm effect to create a glimmering synth patch. Add 100% wet reverb for a lush evolving glimmer pad.

Reviews for Synth Glimmers

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  • Awesome Textures

    I really like this instrument alot, It has a thrumming, pulsing slightly sci fi quality thats really interesting and evolving. I think it will work great as a background sound in electronic tracks but would also be awesome in sound. It definitely has some energy to it, not necessarily being as mellow as most of the synth sounds i go for but i plan on using this. Its really cinematic and interesting

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • inspiring pad!

    I usually don't like libraries which are drenched in reverb, and I like that this one is presented dry. However, it does really shine nicely with a little splosh. The sound isn't consistent from key to key. It changes in zones, which took a little getting used to. For that reason, you kind of need to use it to play chordal parts, but it does a great job of providing an evolving, multifaceted texture when used that way. My biggest wish was that the samples would loop rather than citing off abruptly after a while. It's not a huge issue, but if you like to sustain some chord tones while changing others, this may be an issue for you. Overall, this is a great sound, though.

    Sam Ecoff02 November 2021
  • Fantastic glimmers!

    Oh I enjoy so much this kind of textures, can't get enough of them! This instrument features some randomized sounds and effects combined, resulting in this cute swarmy sound that can inspire you a lot. Unfortunately the samples last about 8 to 10 seconds and then immediately die, so in case you want to sustain the notes for longer, you will need to have a big release and re-hit the note. It would be awesome and very helpful to have an attack knob as well.

    Alex Raptakis04 November 2021
  • Magical

    The mid range of this instrument has a magical quality, which inspired me a lot. There are some issues with the release of the samples, it is a little bit abrupt. Anyway, using this like a pad can be very inspiring and full of possibillites.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG06 November 2021
  • A Glimmer of Magic...

    This is a seriously cool evolving pad with a lot of character. It's been recorded well and stands out as a bit more unique than your typical synth pad. You may find it needs a little tweaking with the ADSR within Exs, depending on how you wish to use it. But otherwise this is really nice, the warbling filter cut-off gives this sound an almost vocal like quality. I really like this!

    R.Treves08 November 2021