Sustain Pedal Perc

A marimba-ish sound created from a sustain pedal...

The story

One day, while moving gear in my home studio, I accidentally kicked the sustain pedal for one of my keyboards, producing a pleasant ringing note from the object.

This inspired me to record the sound of the pedal being struck with a mallet, using a close mic (dynamic, Shure SM57) and a matched pair of stereo room mics (condenser, RØDE M5). Ten samples were chosen at progressive velocities before being processed two different ways. The first set was left Dry while the second set, named Recall, has reverb and a subtle loop when controller keys (or your sustain pedal) are held down.

This is the second sample instrument that I have created, the first being my submission to the Pianobook Winter Voices project, which was a mix of my voice and my double bass (played arco).

Sustain Pedal Perc has been called “cute”, but I like its marimba-ish sound and have used it for composition and sound design in a theatre piece. With a lot of reverb, it can also sound like a radar ping/sonar….


Features (Kontakt):

– Dry signal and Recall signal (looped, reverb added), selected by button or key switch (C0 & D0).
– When the “Both” button (or key switch E0) is selected the signals can be crossfaded using CC1.
– Volume mapped to CC11.
– Reverb control (also in the DS version).

Note for the Kontakt version: The mapped midi CC assignments can be removed, if needed. The CC11 modulator can be removed by pressing on the wrench icon (to go under the hood), going to the “Mod” tab, selecting the modulator that reads “midi CC, 11”, then right clicking on the selected modulator to open the “Delete” dialogue box, before clicking “Delete”. This process can be repeated to remove the CC1 modulator.

Note for the Decent Sampler (DS) version: The Dry and Recall signals can be blended and muted using the corresponding volume knobs, which can also be midi-mapped.

The first demo of mine that features this instrument (and four others that I have created) is called “Wood, Metal, And Mane- Demo” and can be heard on the Cymbal Atmos instrument page.


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  • Very useful

    Sometimes you just need a sound like this. A great little instrument. Its really quite expressive to play. I can't fault it.

    Ray20 October 2021
  • Soft and delicate percussion library

    I very much like the sound of this tender percussion! It is soft and delicate, just like marimba. I will be using this a lot!

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Nice and useful percussive sound

    Clear and surprisingly organic sounding in the higher registers, the lower octaves feel a bit sluggish or latent, and imho would benefit from a bit later startpoint.

    electri-fire18 October 2021
  • A Unique Percussion Instrument

    Very much a piano book type of instrument in that its brilliantly original and a bit quirky. The resulting sound isn't breaking much new ground, but actually its a great sound regardless. It's not harsh or overly processed and the GUI just works. The 'recall' patch is great once you get to grips with it. Nice work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • It's a mallet out of nowhere!

    It's a very nice sounding mallet instrument with a kind of dark character, It's very playable, and it also has some nice dynamics to offer. As a personal preference, I'd like it to be shifted an octave lower altogether, because I find the lower samples not that great. You can hear a small click sound right in the attack, and the sound is too muddy to my ears. The mics are also switchable through three key switches at the bottom end.

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • A Really Nice Perc!

    This perc sounds very clean, and has lots of space/atmosphere! The "Recall" feature is what makes this instrument shine - It almost creates a cloud type layer on top of the mix, adding a reverse delay effect. Top job.

    Jake18 October 2021
  • A simple but brilliant sound

    This instrument provides a versatile yet pure "processed" sound. In the upper registers, the sound is similar to that of a compressed marimba or woodblock with a high attack. The lower registers are akin to a bass pizzicato with a much more clean tone, perfect for some extra punch in the low end.

    Kalaish Stanley16 October 2021
  • Basic at first, but play it low!

    The Sound is a bit basic for my taste and thats what you get in every standard synth. BUT!!!!!! Then I played it in the lowest octave. Instand jungle movie vibes. Great sound!

    Stephan Scholz14 October 2021
  • A very clean instrument...

    The sound out of this instrument provides a very clean and clear ping that serves as a nice synth lead. It's a pretty simple instrument that makes it easy to work with, and having the ability to adjust the recall sounds gives it that extra something to make it stand out. Highly recommend!

    Christopher13 October 2021
  • tengo un pedal de esos

    Tengo un pedal igual y nunca pensé que se pudiera conseguir este sonido, creo que es muy interesante y práctico para hacer música bailable... seguro lo usaré...

    DR Tiger13 October 2021