Super Flatwound Acoustic Guitar

A Super Nintendo instrument made out of my acoustic guitar with flatwound strings

The story

To be clear this is not intended to be a realistic acoustic guitar. Its sound ranges from 90s video games, to very strange and moody, to vaguely like the original guitar. This was made by running some recordings of my acoustic guitar with flatwound electric guitar strings through Chipsynth SFC which emulates the Super Nintendo’s sound chip. The sound chip of this legendary video game console only had 64 kbs of RAM to work with so samples had to be very small files and therefore very lofi. It’s a sound that many people are nostalgic for and even if you aren’t, I hope you still find some interesting use for it.

Bonus info about the instrument: I got the guitar used to make this instrument for Hanukkah when I was around 12 years old so it’s double the nostalgia for me. The strings are pretty old too, which is what you normally want for flatwound strings.


Clean: Volume for the highest quality samples I could get (Brighter, more “hifi”)
Decimate: Volume of lower quality samples with a little grit on them (Darker, more “lofi”)
Attack: controls attack time (very useful)
Clean Echo: Echo volume from higher quality samples (emulated echo from Chipsynth SFC)
Decimate Echo: Echo volume from lower quality samples (darker emulated echo from Chipsynth SFC)
Reverb: PS1’s hall reverb from Shiroban
Mod wheel: controls modulation


Fingers: picked with my fingers
Pick: picked with a guitar pick
Fingers_Harmonic: guitar harmonic at the 12th fret played with fingers
Pick_Harmonic: guitar harmonic at the 12th fret played with a guitar pick

Note on the echo: While the echo sounds like the original Super Nintendo to me and I personally like the settings they are at, I unfortunately can’t make the echo customizable to you. If you want to tweak it I would recommend using a different plugin to emulate it if you want accuracy or using your own delay effects if you don’t care.

Also included are the original unprocessed (except some minor noise reduction) samples to use with Chipsynth SFC or whatever else you want

Super Flatwound Acoustic Guitar Demonstration

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