Sonva Upright

Yamaha U3 Sampled with various adjustable mic positions.

The story

As with Sonva Piano, this Upright version was recorded at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts located at Falmouth University, Cornwall. The samples in this patch originated from a Yamaha U3s, and was this time recorded in the more dry, compositional and live room recording environment.

For this sample pack, there are two stereo audio files for each sample. The first being the close U87’s which offer an intimate detail, whilst the ambient mics were a pair of Schoeps MK4s- capturing the soft reflections of the space.

The four parameters allow you to adjust and mix the volume between the close and ambient mics, as well as the close and ambient release triggers.

Thanks to Jake Hougham and Benjamin Thorne for assisting in the studio, and Aaron Newberry, once again, for noise reduction.

Reviews for Sonva Upright

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Another simple and straight and a little nostalgic piano library

    Similar to Sonva Piano, but it is different. I found this upright version more nostalgic for some reason. I really like to compare the sound of piano, every piano has a different taste and character. This one has a very simple and straight sound of piano, you can use this for various projects. It is also nice to be able to adjust mic position!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Suffers from poor velocity settings

    The main problem on this one is that there are two dynamic layers that don't work well together, since the volume difference is way too high. Besides that, there is some white noise that can be built up if you are playing many notes with the sustain on, but other than that you should be fine if you are ok with the velocity problem. Though I don't like the green colors, the GUI is nice enough.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • A tale of two pianos

    This library has something of a split personality. Dig in, and it has that late 80's Roland digital piano sound with lots of highs, highly compressed, and very bright sounding. Play lightly, and you're treated to a much more mellow sound, which almost sounds felted in the high end. Both sounds are useful, playable and lovely. The trouble is that these two polar opposites are in the same sample library. When you cross that velocity switch, its like switching pianos, and it just doesn't work very well. If I was going to attempt to use this library, I'd have to set a velocity limiter so that I'd stay within one dynamic range or the other. Switching between the two just doesn't seem very usable to me.

    Sam Ecoff15 November 2021
  • Not my vibe for pianos

    Im generally into darker, warm cinematic felts. This piano feels very thin and distant to me, almost as if the mics were too far away. It doesn't really have a clear defined sound. The GUI is really nice and offers some great control but i just dont love the sound of this in the first place so it doesn't do much for me. Also the dynamics seem to be kind of inconsistent and theres only two dynamic layers as well so its not particularly responsive. Its a cool instrument but there are many pianos i prefer on pianobook

    septemberwalk14 November 2021