Soft Drums

1960's Ludwig kit covered with blankets and hit with broomstick brushes.

The story

I like drums. Drums are loud.

I recorded these soft drum samples for when I want the sound of traditional drums but need them to fit alongside and underneath quiet music. The kit is a 1960’s Ludwig covered with blankets and hit with Promark Broomsticks, resulting in a brushy vibe with muted drum tones. Great for adding percussive subdivisions that take up a small amount sonic real estate.


Reviews for Soft Drums

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  • Just Great

    I don't often get exited about a drum sample set. But this one really hits the spot. Just love it. It's perfect.

    Ray20 October 2021
  • A drum sound I never had but now always use

    This kit is recorded beautifully. I find myself using it in conjunction with other drums sounds or just plainly by itself almost any time I make a beat these days.

  • Nailed It

    These sound excellent; tons of character. Nice work, Jon! This kit works in a variety of ways; so cool. Thank you!!!

    Ry Herma11 November 2021
  • Lovely. Borderline Vulfy.

    One thing I struggled with a lot is getting the right drum packs (especially snares) for that low-volume funk sound.

    This is it. Especially with the Vulf Compressor, delicious. I'm constantly coming back to this set.

    The mechanical sounds are nice, but not always needed, but an easy fix in a wave editor.

    My one other gripe is that there isn't a sidestick sample, which is fundamental for a lot of jazz, that would have made this otherwise perfect. But those are easy to find anyway, so no harm, really.

    Overall, a very solid sample pack. Well done.

    David Fujioka05 April 2022
  • Punchy and fat

    These sound great, super dead and punchy. Apart from a couple weird noises this kit is pretty perfect. These noises are pretty apparent since I'm playing the kit solo right now but I'm sure they'd be much less noticeable when theres music playing along. I especially love the sound of the kick. its very beefy and round. The dynamic layers are very natural and believable as well, really changing drastically in timbre, release and brightness the way a real kit would. Great sounding kit. One thing though is i personally feel the snare is a bit snappy and short in relation to the longer to decay kick. Its still great though

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
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