Singing Bowls

Pads and other sounds created from singing bowls and struck metals.

The story

Sometime in 2019 I ordered a cheap singing bowl online. It seemed like the obvious thing to sample. Recorded a wonderful pad, hit it, and discovered that if I spun the bowl on my desk before hitting it I could create a pad with a nice rumble.At the end of the year my Mum gave me another singing bowl for Christmas so I made some similar instruments with this.

I have also included 2 extra instruments, one made using my metal Chillys bottle, and another using the lid of a casserole dish. I have they are simple and fun but I did not feel they were worth submitting on their own.

Reviews for Singing Bowls

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  • Just what I needed!

    I was looking to add a singing bowl to a composition I was working on today and this library was just what I needed! Added a lovely texture and character to the ambiance of the track. Thank you!

    Alyssa H17 June 2022
  • Three For The Price Of None

    Singing bowls are always useable and these are nicely recorded over a good range.

    But there’s more... in the form of ‘Chilly’s Bottle’ which has nice tinkly top end and clangy tone at the bottom of the keyboard.

    But there’s even more... ‘White Pot’ this is a bit unexciting at the lower end of the keys, but a really lovely short, sharp, percussive sound with a nice ringing overtone at the top of the keys. Somewhat music box in flavour.

    lfo2vco15 December 2021
  • Amazing calming tones

    This is a great instrument with a-lot of options. In here you can find both pads and singular hits. I actually love the singular hits way more than i thought i would. Particularly the white pot preset has such an awesome resonant tone and transient. I often find some of the metallic bell found sound type instruments to be a little out there and annoying but im loving this one and plan to use it. I don't love every pad in here but there are more than enough that i really like. The unmistakable warm bell metallic scraping textures layered in are really nice. You really captured the beauty of the singing bowl in a few different ways here

    septemberwalk29 October 2021
  • high quality at the best possible price

    I didn't expect to find instruments that sounded so good on pianobook, but I changed my mind also thanks to this singing bowl. Very inspirational, thank you!

    Gabriele13 October 2021
  • Halloween Bowls

    Nice eerie bell sounds. Slight detuning on the notes. All will come in to play to add a unique character to it. Another great one for the month of October! Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021
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