Evolving Drones and Textures created entirely from communication transmissions on the shortwave radio frequencies

The story

Does anyone remember the Arecibo Telescope? It was not only one of the largest radio telescopes in the world but it also received the first unexplained signal from space known as the “WOW” Signal….!

The inspiration for the Signals VST came from memories of my youth when I was a keen radio amateur enthusiast listening to radio communications from around the world.

This was a project full of fascination and challenges with great results from all the hard work such as evolving drones and textures.

I used the Yaesu FRG-7700 Communications Receiver and search the short wave for radio signals such as the radio transmission from weather balloons, navigation beacons, telex signals, Morse code, jamming transmission and the list goes on with many unknown sounds from the short wave frequencies.

After recording the sounds directly into Cubase I then used EQ to reduce the noise and changed the pitch, added morphing with Steinberg’s basic tools, and as always added a little time stretch, delay, reverb, and the mixing of other signals to create unique sounds.

All the sounds in the Signals VST are completely from radio signals and no musical instrument has been used in the creation of this beauty!

I have also included a preset called: Signals Pad Creator
This preset allows you to morph sounds to create new textures.


Reviews for Signals

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  • These are just the sounds I needed!!

    I'm four songs into an album inspired by the James Webb telescope. So this came at the perfect time!! Thank you Martin!!

    Skip Erickson25 May 2022
  • Surprise!

    Loved this so much! You can tell how much hard went into this, and there were so many sounds in this library that surprised me. This is one of the coolest libraries out there!!

    Hiromoto Music26 May 2022
  • Incredible SFX and DYI kit!

    This bundle will give you access to an incredible patch that contains multiple sound effects, that really go around the idea of "signals", as seen in the movies, like Bleeps, boops, dings, pads, drones and more! On top of that, there is an incredible patch that enables you to create your very own sounds, by blending together 6 different layers of sounds in any way you want. Very neat and immensely inspiring!

    Alex Raptakis30 May 2022