Cheap Mic Piano Tracked

Christian's piano sampled with a Shure SM57.

The story

Whilst the Spring Piano was sampled with high-end microphones, this experiment looks at how you can play to the strengths of a lower cost microphone – a Shure SM57. More details in the following video:


Reviews for Cheap Mic Piano Tracked

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  • Ambient, soft toned piano library

    The sound is soft, but the character is deep. It captures the warmth of this piano and I really like the ambience of the sound. Not sure this is due to the lower cost microphone, but I think it is beautifully sampled.

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Nice percussive piano

    This piano is really soft, mellow and emotional. I think the coolest thing about this piano is that it has a really nice mellow percussive sound on some of the higher notes. Its a pretty unique sound, i haven't heard anything quite like it on other pianos. i do wish this was more dynamic but i think its meant to be more of an experiment than a fully fledged piano library. Christian definitely made a cheap mic sound great with this piano which is what he set out to do in the first place.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • A kindly percussive piano

    This is a very warm and wholesome piano sound, very fun to play with. It features a somehow percussive attack, and release triggers that unfortunately are kind of loud, which can produce the following problem: If you try to play one note after the other, the sound of the next becomes slightly boomy - not suggested for playing with headphones, as it can be physically irritating to the ear.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Shurely a great library...

    Ah yes, the Shure SM-57. Great microphone, but I don't feel it did the piano justice in this library. Maybe a little more work on getting the high-end recorded would help the overall muddy sound of the instrument. Great example of what can be done with a relatively inexpensive microphone.

    Christopher27 October 2021
  • An interesting experiment

    Once I turned down the release samples, this became a very warm and inviting instrument to play. The tracked version is somehow much more appealing than the "Piano Solo" version. unfortunately, C3 to F#3 on both the the included instruments have a sample which is something of a misfit timbrally and dynamically. In many ways, this library is an interesting experiment, and it sort of helps you to triangulate the importance of great mics in the sampling process. you can start with a great instrument, play it well, and then process and edit the samples perfectly in kontakt, but if you have sub par mics, that will limit the overall quality of your output. It reminds everyone that the overall result is determined, in large part, by the weakest link in the recording chain.

    Sam Ecoff13 November 2021
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