Rhythmic Tape Keyboard

Battered rhythmic 12 keyboard recorded on warped tape. It kind of sounds like an old toy version of a Mellotron

The story

I came across an old Rhythmic 12 keyboard in a battered condition. The keys were dirty and sticky and it had not been used for ages. Its standard factory sounds were very digital and honestly sounded a bit nasty to my ears. Sadly I did not have much time so I constructed one custom patch on the keyboard that I liked, within the limited means of the synth to change the waveforms, and I sampled a couple of notes. That recording was subsequently processed using warped tape to make it sound old and broken.

I always try to make my samples sound imperfect because I have a disability (I suffer from constant pain) and I try to mirror this aspect in my sounds: that a person (or sound) can keep going despite hardships and struggle. Any ko-fi support is very welcome!

A funny side effect from the tape was that it had now started to sound a bit like a Mellotron. So if you seek Mellotron-ish sounds that are less cliché than the real deal then I can recommend you my rhythmic tape keyboard instrument pack.

_______RELEASE NOTES_______


I updated the GUI and added a number of useful controls to modify the sound:
– cutoff
– resonance
– distortion

5 small Kontakt 6 instruments included:
– All keys
– Flutes
– Organ
– Wobble Keys
– Wobble Pad

Full version of Kontakt 6.7.0 is required to use this instrument.
Recorded in 48Hz/24bit WAV



Reviews for Rhythmic Tape Keyboard

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Warm and nostalgic

    If you are looking for a unique, otherworldly sound with a warm, windy signature, this might be the perfect choice. This is a wonderfully made instrument that comes with perfect sampling, and in 5 different versions. Each one features this slightly evolving - pitch oscilating sound based on tape textures. All of them are a little different but equally pleasing.

    The V2 update brings on all the controls you might need in a nice unique design, similar to what you see in the Infinite Tape Glockenspiel, which is also a fantastic instrument by the same creator! I definitely recommend them without a question.

    Alex Raptakis28 April 2022
  • Has a nice mellotron-like character but is very much it's own thing

    This is a lovely instrument that could be well suited for ambient textures or evolving drones and could certainly be one of the colors used in a Stranger Things cue.

    The new UI is uncomplicated, intuitive, and looks great! Good job on this one!

    Geoff Ereth05 May 2022
  • Novel Sounds with Lots of Character!

    Rhythmic 12 has a very unique sound, and the warm, warbly sound has tons of character. The samples are well-recorded and free of noise (that I could hear at least). There's only one sample per sound, which is what keeps the size of this sample pack to a minimum. Don't expect multiple dynamic layers or round robins, however.

    The inclusion of ADSR and filter controls in the GUI helps make the sounds more useful and tames some of the rougher edges of these unique sounds.

    I'd love to see this instrument augmented with some way to control the amount of pitch modulation happening. The pitch warbles appear to be baked into the samples, but it would be great if there was some way to control the amount of random pitch variation for those times when you need a little less.

    This library is a solid effort, though, and offers a nice alternative to traditional Mellotron sounds for those moments when you need something different. Great work here!

    Sam Ecoff25 April 2022