Relic Keyboard

Experiments with a vintage Yamaha keyboard, using its sampler and microcassette tape....

The story

In February 2020 I struck gold at a charity shop around the corner from my house, finding a Yamaha VSS100 keyboard with a vocal sampler. During the lockdowns of 2020 to 2021 I was separated from it, being reunited only recently. Here I have sampled my first experiments with it, recording a selection of the sustained sounds of the keyboard onto microcassette, and trying out the vocal sampler that sets this series of keyboards apart. The results are distant, distorted, and imperfect, just how I hoped this keyboard would sound when I first saw it. I hope that the Pianobook community can find uses for these sounds! Available for Kontakt 6 and Decent Sampler. Further sounds sampled from this keyboard are available from my site Peter Flint



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  • Transported back to my childhood

    First word that came into my head upon first playing this pack: "Hiss". Favourite chord to play with this pack: F Minor. These pads really took me back to playing on keyboards at school and starting to discover all the sounds in the last few sound banks! The hiss may not be to everyones taste but I personally like it. I think the reverb does highlight/amplify the hiss a little too much though so this might be something to look at.

    Ryan Kearsey15 October 2021
  • I say it's perfect.

    5/5, no doubt at all. This is simply amazing, hands down. Every single patch is fantastic, with definite character and tons of potential, especially in the modern lo-fi genre. In addition to that, there is full ADSR control included, along with a very nice Reverb and a Cutoff filter that is attached to the mod wheel. I'm surprised that others didn't figure it out yet, but yes, there is noise, but you can remove it if you turn the Cutoff just a little bit down! The noise disappears and the volume is not affected too much. I will say it again, this is simply perfect. Thank you for this, Peter!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Noisy but Lush

    This library is obviously supposed to be somewhat noisy, but the noise is really front and center in these samples, which may or may not suit your purpose. As such, the sounds tend to work best with single notes rather than chords. If you're into lo-fi and toy samplers, this might just be your cup of tea.

    Sam Ecoff15 October 2021
  • Really nice textures.

    This is a nice palette of textures, while I personally don't have much need for these kind of samples, I can imagine there will be countless others who will get endless inspiration out of these, probably making a good song starter. I used the decent sampler version, the interface doesn't look as good as the one shown for Kontakt, not the end of the world.

    thomasgrant14 October 2021
  • Gritty goodness

    The sounds used to give me inspiration to the fullest. Sorry for the past tense - I have yet to get myself out of the vintage vibes of this juicy library

    Ef Nerva14 October 2021
  • Noisy Warm

    This is really cool and noisy. I especially like the flute patch, this really embodies why i fell in love with piano book, all its imperfections make it believable, so many sample instruments are too clean and perfect. Your first thought wouldn't be that this is coming from a computer upon hearing it

    septemberwalk14 October 2021
  • A beautiful lo-fi library.

    I'm a huge fan of lo-fi sounds like the Mellotron and this library is a great addition to my collection. It's easily at the quality level of paid/commercial libraries and better than many that I've paid for. My thanks to Peter Flint. You did a superb job on this and I appreciate you giving it away for free.

    PavlovsCat13 October 2021
  • Vintage grit

    Looking for that vintage sound? Here it is! Instruments that sound like they come right from a vinyl, and perfect for that lo-fi feel. Although, it does sound like the lower you go in pitch, the more white noise you hear, and less of the actual instrument, but if you stay in the upper registry. My personal favorite from this, is the Jazz Organ. All around, good job!

    XentiirTV13 October 2021
  • Cassettes - Perfectly captured

    It's ridiculous to me how crazy good sounds you can get for free on pianobook here. To me this is a treasure. Yes there is noise, but this is cassette. I love the tone it sets and it's perfect for my ambient projects. Chord progressions sound so lush on this. The UI is simple and lovely. Outstanding job. To me these are all 5 stars. thank you.

    Clemens13 October 2021
  • Great for that lofi-esque vibe

    I love the sounds of these, and they gave me a bunch of inspiration for the lofi and chillhop music I make! Out of the four, the vocal sample is definitely my least favorite, but I think I'll find something to put it in eventually!

    derekbestmusic13 October 2021
  • Vintage Lofi Feel

    Such unique character filled instruments. Would be useful for a lofi or vintage track in my opinion. The only issue I feel is that there is quite a bit of noise, particularly in the lower registers. Additionally some of the levels might need a little tweaking Horn Cassete.

    Kalaish Stanley13 October 2021
  • Good Job!

    When I played each sample of the pack, I was thinking in the back of my mind, the 'noir' or 'Lo-Fi' kinda tracks that these would love to be sat in. the sounds to my ears are very pleasant and are almost bordering on ethereal for the lower register of the vocal sample! great work!

    Npavely112 October 2021
  • Sounds for Nostalgia

    Love the flute cassette sound! The tape gives it a distant nostalgic edge.

    The-Architect12 October 2021
  • Tons of Vibe

    Immediately transported to an otherworldly past

    peternaddeo12 October 2021
  • Lofi Gold

    These are such inspiring sounds. The jazz organ is pure lofi gold. But the VocalSample1 is the best of the bunch. I took Raum by Ni on it and its so otherworldy great.

    Stephan Scholz12 October 2021
  • If you're looking for those distorted ambient dictaphone loop sounds you've come to the right place

    Each of the 4 sounds has that exact tape bite I look for in samples like these and each one is really unique. The main issue with it is that noise can pile up, especially on lower notes. The flute is the most standard-sounding one, very similar to the dictaphone loop synth, but more consistent in volume. The horn is very similar in tone to the flute, but with a bit more bite. The jazz organ is where the sounds really get interesting having a very FM-y and almost glassy tone to it I haven't heard in any other dictaphone loop style samples. Then the final sound, Vocal Sample, is my favorite. Because of the nature of the vocal sampler on this keyboard and the sample used, the keys rotate in and out of phase with each other in an incredible way creating an incredible swarm effect. On this sound, I think the noise level actually ends up helping it instead of hurting it because mixed in with the quieter parts of the sample it almost sounds like a ghostly set of strings.

    VaporGabe12 October 2021