Relic Keyboard

Experiments with a vintage Yamaha keyboard, using its sampler and microcassette tape....

The story

In February 2020 I struck gold at a charity shop around the corner from my house, finding a Yamaha VSS100 keyboard with a vocal sampler. During the lockdowns of 2020 to 2021 I was separated from it, being reunited only recently. Here I have sampled my first experiments with it, recording a selection of the sustained sounds of the keyboard onto microcassette, and trying out the vocal sampler that sets this series of keyboards apart. The results are distant, distorted, and imperfect, just how I hoped this keyboard would sound when I first saw it. I hope that the Pianobook community can find uses for these sounds! Available for Kontakt 6 and Decent Sampler. Further sounds sampled from this keyboard are available from my site


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  • Cassettes - Perfectly captured

    It's ridiculous to me how crazy good sounds you can get for free on pianobook here. To me this is a treasure. Yes there is noise, but this is cassette. I love the tone it sets and it's perfect for my ambient projects. Chord progressions sound so lush on this. The UI is simple and lovely. Outstanding job. To me these are all 5 stars. thank you.

    Clemens13 October 2021
  • Noise Glorious Noise!

    Yes its noisy... but its a good noise, and something to be expected for sounds that have been captured on cassette tape. This group of 4 patches from Peter are some of Pianobook's best pad sounds. You may mistake the brass for being a bit cheesy at first but ride that modwheel and play some close cluster chords and it sings!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
  • A beautiful lo-fi library.

    I'm a huge fan of lo-fi sounds like the Mellotron and this library is a great addition to my collection. It's easily at the quality level of paid/commercial libraries and better than many that I've paid for. My thanks to Peter Flint. You did a superb job on this and I appreciate you giving it away for free.

    PavlovsCat13 October 2021
  • Lofi Gold

    These are such inspiring sounds. The jazz organ is pure lofi gold. But the VocalSample1 is the best of the bunch. I took Raum by Ni on it and its so otherworldy great.

    Stephan Scholz12 October 2021
  • How do you star rate something that sounds bad, but good bad?

    So I went for 5 stars for recording quality even if it was purposely bad.... For me I just love the cassettey-ness (clearly not a word) of this. From pop to Neo classical you'll love this if you like your sounds to have a yeasty mossy flavour!

    Christian Henson26 November 2021
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