Rain Stick Drop

A percussive note from a rain stick stretched across the keyboard......

The story

Rain Stick Drop

This rainstick was (like a couple of my other piano book instruments) was a gift from my Mum for Christmas a couple of years ago. I was sampling it a little randomly one day as I have no idea how to use a rain stick properly. I managed to isolate the sound of one of the beads inside the stick falling and was pleasantly surprised by the results. There are 2 versions of this instrument, one dry and one with a large reverb, although the dry one also has an additional reverb knob.

This instrument is ideal for little ear candy in the background, which is exactly how I used it in the demo I have provided. The track was written for my Music for Picture class while studying for my masters and this Kontakt instrument enters at around the 50-second mark. Here I have paired it with my Kalimba’s, both played using an arpeggiator. The footage to accompany this soundtrack is called Ocean and is from The Cue Tube. Thank you to Bryan and everyone else involved in The Cue Tube for providing the footage that got me through a large chunk of uni!


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  • The dryest mallet!

    But not in a bad way. This can be used either by itself, or it can enhance other sounds, like mallets, to make them more unique and percussive. The sound coming off of this instrument is very percussive, and you can barely listen to the pitch. It's a very interesting instrument for sure, as you can get very creative with it. It has been sampled very well too!

    Funny thing, while the Dry patch has a Splosh-Reverb knob on it, there is also another patch named "Splosh" which also has another Splosh knob on it. By default though, it has some extra "droplets" with additional reverb, so you can make it even sploooshier.

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022