Prepared Piano

This upright piano, stored at Goldsmiths University as part of the Hugh Davies Collection, was prepared by Andrea Lockwood in 1968.

The story

This upright piano, stored in the Electronic Music Studios Goldsmiths University, London as part of the Hugh Davies Collection, was prepared by Lockwood in 1968 for Piano Transplants. In its current state, the Piano is in a delicate and untuned state. Through sampling the Piano and turning it into a digital instrument, many of the intricate details through playing the Piano in a live environment are lost. However, what this provides is the ability to tune the Piano back to a more harmonious state, and allows for the continued preservation of the Piano- which will eventually degrade over time to an unplayable state. This sample pack contains a untuned raw version of the Piano, a digitally tuned version, and plenty of single note presets to sink your teeth into.


Reviews for Prepared Piano

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  • Embracing imperfection

    After pressing just a few keys, I immediately understood what this is about, and that's not your everyday mellow piano. It's about embracing the imperfections and letting them guide and inspire you. This piano has a broken body but a soul full of life, and thanks to ARC, we have access that goodness.

    Even though I don't have the chance to listen to the actual instrument, I can tell that the sampling job is impeccable, done with great detail and with a crystal clear result. On top of that, ARC had the awesome idea to include a Pad option, which if you put it in a Wet environment, it creates this amazing and very diverse aesthetic, which I really love.

    In case you want access to the closest real thing, you will fined the Raw untuned version too. I found that on that patch, the Dry knob acts the same as the Expression knob, so you can't really have just the wet. Maybe that's something that can get fixed easily in the future.

    Nonetheless, it's an amazing and truly one of a kind instrument. The uncompressed 1,4GB is totally worth it in my opinion, and I highly recommend everyone to check it out.

    Alex Raptakis24 December 2021
  • Broken, busted, wonderful.

    This piano has well and truly had the end snapped clean off. It's absolutely brilliant. What a contribution to the community - I mean, there aren't many who would actually want, or be willing to do this to their piano. It's completely different to The Gimp in that it's more obviously prepared, but as a result it's more "playable", if that makes sense. Clearly this is a niche instrument, but there's so much variation among the notes I can see me loading it just for a single "note" to add some interest, character or atmosphere, which it has in spades, to another sound or scene - it's only truly reveals itself as prepared piano once you try to play it as a piano.

    Mark Lord29 December 2021
  • A very niche instrument, but extremely unique.

    This piano is not going to likely find itself in the midst of a deeply emotional and traditionally intimate score, yet it has a distinct fragile (almost to the point of broken) quality. The first few notes that I played reminded me of the player piano in Westworld. There's a lot of character here, and in the right context it will likely be perfect. The recording is very clean, and if you want to break your mind, play the "raw" preset and try to carry a tune! This could be a secret weapon in the right score, and it's recorded quite nicely!

    Andrew Ernst29 December 2021
  • Horror Detuned Piano

    For some reason based off of the name i expected a beautiful piano. This definitely isn't that. This piano is really jarring and detuned. Even the tuned version cant really be played like a normal piano. This is so unique though. The nature of the way this was prepared gives it a very un nerving sound and you get all these strange artifacts which adds to the weirdness. Also to my ears theres three round robins which usually sound pretty different from each other, sometimes in pitch and some times with the artifacts of the preparation. This all adds to give it an even weirder vibe. The included pad is also pretty spooky and breathy. Its a nice layer to add on-top.
    I think this piano would be super great for those kind of scary atonal cluster chords played up really high on the piano that we hear in horror movies. This wasn't what i expected but its definitely super unique and well done.

    septemberwalk24 December 2021