Practice Organ

The nostalgic sounds of a Philips transistor organ

The story

This Philips transistor organ has lived with us for as long as I can remember, and is played regularly by my father when he practices for church services. It’s a nostalgic sound for me, especially because it lived above my bedroom, and on many occasions it’s been used to wake me up in the morning. I finally found a weekend to take a couple of mics to it and record all of the stops.
Now I’m very happy that I can take the sound of this organ around with me wherever I go, and can mangle and warp it to my heart’s content. I hope that the Pianobook community finds it useful.

Reviews for Practice Organ

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  • One of the best...

    I've seen a lot of "organ" sample libraries that end up with disappointing sounds and minimal customizability, and this library is anything but. I really appreciate the drawbars that were included to give it an authentic style interface. This is perhaps one of the best libraries that I have come across on Pianobook. Great work!

    Christopher20 October 2021
  • Unadulterated Groovy

    Soul and fun. The rich middle preset plus some overdrive makes for a fusion funk freight train. Sliders to control the stops is always a great feature too.

    Well done and thank you for sharing!

    Adin Kovacik28 March 2022
  • The retro organ you might love

    This is a lovely way to treat such a kind of sound, that might seem generic to many. The way that Peter has approached the design of the instrument is very smart, because it kind of forces you to become more creative with all the options provided. The GUI is amazing, and all the sounds sound fantastic, with a slight exception of a small click being noticeable in the attack if you decide to make the instrument really barebones and dry. There are many ways to get rid of that though, and you should because there are so many possibilities!

    Alex Raptakis22 December 2021
  • Transistor Indeed

    These two patches are really great, I seem to find all these saturated organ type sounds work really well in lofi dreamy rock like mac demarco or beach house. The GUI is really detailed and awesome with ability to control each sound that makes up the overall organ as well as nice effects. Also the rotor noise is a great touch for those of us who like to add this kind of character to our sounds. I find particulariy the flute 8 sound bring alot of saturated warmth to the sound, i really like it. Awesome job with this, alot of ways to manipulate this sound

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
  • This is what I love about Pianobook...

    This is what I love about Pianobook... Its stumbling across libraries like this, that have a great story behind them but are just great instruments to use. In this case as well, it happens to be the exact kind of library I am needing on the project Im currently working on! Yet again, Peter has created a really unique library with a few patches each varying in gnarlyness, ambience and character. Great work!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
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