Practice Organ

The nostalgic sounds of a Philips transistor organ...

The story

This Philips transistor organ has lived with us for as long as I can remember, and is played regularly by my father when he practices for church services. It’s a nostalgic sound for me, especially because it lived above my bedroom, and on many occasions it’s been used to wake me up in the morning. I finally found a weekend to take a couple of mics to it and record all of the stops.
Now I’m very happy that I can take the sound of this organ around with me wherever I go, and can mangle and warp it to my heart’s content. I hope that the Pianobook community finds it useful.


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  • Fun Fun Organ!

    If you're looking for the sounds of a fun organ, look no farther. This sample pack, with a great GUI gives you all of the fun organ sounds you need, minus the cheesy bossa nova drums. It's well sampled, but not devoid of character. The ability to blend in each stop is a really nice touch. A fine sample pack, to be sure!

    Sam Ecoff16 October 2021
  • Great Fun Organ Sound

    Reminds me of what you might hear at a baseball game mixed with the old cheap organ in that musky smelling church basement. Very fun to play!!

    Lindsey Jackson12 October 2021