Posh CR-78

Can you feel it drumming In The Air Tonight?

The story

What makes the CR-78 so special? Well it uses a microprocessor to enable the user to not only “punch in” their own patterns but also store them!!! And so ushered forth the age microprocessed music.

This is an all analogue machine which I have sampled via my beautifully rich sounding Kerwax Replica and then morphed into two additional signals via my culture vulture and overstayer.

Thanks to Stephen Tallamy for building these for me alongside members of our extraordinary Discord community for their insane builds of this “Posh” CR-78.


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  • I like it so much

    Looks beautiful and there are so much uses for these samples

    TornadoKid31 March 2022
  • Not another 808!

    This is a really cool-sounding machine and the extra treatment of it gives it a whole new life! Will definitely be putting this to work...Thanks for sharing!

    Jeremiah Horner01 April 2022
  • Posh CR-78: A Drum Machine

    This is a drum machine. It is a very simple drum machine, and that's it. While that sounds okay from an outside perspective, you need to hear this thing to understand how valuable this is towards your composing arsenal.

    You have a dry version that you can mangle up for yourself, or two other presets that have been created for you (see Christian's video for more on that). I found while composing with this instrument that the distorted presets are perfect as an underlayer on the dry signal, giving it more punch and character.

    There is nothing more I can say. This is a free drum machine that is of retail quality. There is no reason for you not to download it, so go grab it and make some beats with it.

    Harriet Ford Music23 March 2022
  • Metamatastic'

    Great stuff. Bought my CR78 back in '03 for very little dosh.....stupid prices these days. Became obsessed after hearing John Foxx's 'Maetamatic album when it came out. He ran his through an MXR150 phase shifter fx rack to get those otherwordly tones.

    I had a go at it here: CR78: https://soundcloud.com/cr78/metamoronik

    Favorite box of all time. ;)

    Percy Dovetonsils23 March 2022
  • A Classic

    This may well save me hours of scrolling through drum samples trying to make my mind up.
    A classic sound.

    Jim Sanger04 April 2022
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