Park Piano

A pure Upright Yamaha B4 recorded in a studio environment.

The story

Deep inside the University of Gloucestershire’s Park Campus lies the home of Studio Two – a high-end recording studio with a live room and an extensive microphone cupboard, bundled together into its Avid S7 desk. It’s usually called the Pro Tools room because of that, so a majority of students record in Studio Two. It’s in this live room where a bright and illustrious Yamaha B4 rests.

I didn’t get around to asking my lecturers or the media technicians about the history of this piano, but it’s most likely been recorded countless times for student projects. It’s a warm feeling to know this piano has played its part in teaching students the art of musical crafting – maybe it will teach you something too.


Reviews for Park Piano

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  • Lovely Late Notes

    I will point out the same thing as Alex. Some of the notes come in a little late, but I kind of love that. The unpredictability of each note breaths life into the instrument. Harriet, you captured a beautiful recording of this piano. Love it!

    obolig07 May 2022
  • Nice upright with a bit of humanness

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing this instrument as it perfectly captures the mood and spirit of these particular Yamaha upright pianos that I've explored and rehearsed with at many different practice studios.

    I love the human feel thats here in the samples as well as the natural ambience. Great job on this one and thanks for sharing it!

    Geoff Ereth09 May 2022
  • Fun, but a little inconsistent!

    This is a great, great sounding piano, and I love the character that it has. The overall ambience fantastic and sounds fun to my ears. It's a fairly simple patch so you won't find any extra settings to mess with.

    The main problem comes with the different round robins not being perfectly aligned, with one usually being late. This makes the entire piano not being very responsive, while also creating inconsistencies when you want to either perform or program something exactly on-time, so it might be a little off-putting to serious piano players. There is also a little bit of noise hidden in the tails of the samples, which you will hear only if you sustain many notes at once, and for long.

    As it is though it may be perfectly fine for some ambient work, and most people won't notice the difference at all.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022