Paper Music Box

A paper music box manipulated through a range of plug-ins.

The story

Some might have seen or even dowloaded my amplified music boxes. I love both of these sample instruments, but unfortunately the music box I used for them makes it almost impossible to record more than a couple of notes. So I bought this paper music box in order to give me more control, and hopefully to get some more round robins.

However, that didn’t go to plan.. the flat above me recently got a new dog and had left him alone for the day. He barked and howled through every take apart from the first one, which was full of creaks from the music box.

I decided to make do with what I had, popped it into logic, noise reduced as best I could, and flicked through plug-ins to see how I could manipulate it. They sound great pitched down an octave too!

Reviews for Paper Music Box

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  • Cool Unique Sound

    This is one of my favorites on pianobook. Has a very close sound, and very interesting unpredictable harmonics when you get past c4. Very sweet and very warm when tuned down.

    ryan weeks18 October 2021
  • Natural organic sound with alot of reverb

    These music boxes are really characterful. The little squeaks and attack noises really give it alot of realism. Theres also alot of cool effects offered which is cool. The downside is theres alot of reverb that you cant really turn off. We have other more dry music boxes on pianobook so its not really an issue but i would we have have reverb in our DAW and its not really necessary to include it, especially if we cant take it away. Apart from that flaw these sounds are still really interesting and organic. Perhaps if you want a drier sound you could try another library and then layer it with this one for more ambient effects.

    septemberwalk09 November 2021
  • Lots of vibey music box colors

    This sample pack offers up some interesting music box like textures. The samples all appear to have been recorded really softly, and the instrument is programmed rather softly. There's not a lot of noise, but I found myself needing to bump up the volume considerably to get it to a usable level. The sounds were recorded with a fair amount of reverb which can't be removed even from the 'clean' sound so that's definitely a limiting factor if you don't want tons of reverb on your sound. Even so, this is a lovely collection and I'm sure many people will find it highly useful.

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • Kind of distorted musicboxes

    In general, this is a cool idea, well executed. This instrument pack features 4 musicboxes, distorted in a different way. Tape, Drive, Bitcrusher and Clean - which is also distorted a little bit. The common element in all those is that they are very wet, and there is no built-in way to change that, so it might be a bit limiting to some. Within the fx-distortions there is some noise hidden, but nothing extreme. All in all, it is an interesting, but quite limited take on the instrument. I need to report though that in the Drive patch, A5 is a C6 instead.

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021