Pangea Percussion

A dry Percussion Library including Japanese Taiko Drums, Djembe, metallics hits and more....

The story

During my time at Falmouth University I was a member of the Ikazuchi Taiko group, studying the inspiring culture and powerful sounds behind Japanese Taiko drums. Before I left the University in 2018, I wanted to make a preservation of the sounds for my own projects through the magic of sampling. I spent the afternoon recording the entire Taiko collection from Shime, Nagado, and an Odaiko with different sticks and playing techniques. I also included the Pipe Drums we practiced on when not using the real Taiko drums, as well as different sized Djembe drums, Metal Shakers and Cowbells. Recorded with a pair of Schoeps mk41 super cardiod mics, the samples are very dry- which offers a good alternative to typically wet taiko/ percussion libraries. The Kontakt version includes a saturation control, reverb dial, and transient attack and release controls. I have also included two-handed mapping with off-set round robins for greater playability.

Update 23rd Dec (V.1.2):
Fixed: Expression fader not being linked to right hand samples.
Changed: Drive knob now uses a Distortion FX to make the difference more audible when engaged.


Reviews for Pangea Percussion

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  • Want Taiko? Download it...

    As someone who has been lucky enough to record a Taiko ensemble a couple of times I can honestly say - IF your monitors go loud enough and low enough - this is just like listening to the real thing. Love having the round robins at either end of the keyboard, makes playing convincing poly rhythms a breeze. Love the GUI - seems like the perfect set of controls for this library. If you've read any of the other reviews or indeed downloaded any of Angus' other instruments then it goes without saying that the recording and sampling are beyond reproach. So basically a professional library for free.

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • A very well done percussion sample library.

    I have downloaded other libraries from Angus and found the quality to be excellent, so I fully expected this would be a high-quality library. But I love it. Everything is beautifully sampled and sounds great. The round robins are done well and it's easy to get a realistic-sounding performance. I would have been happy with this library had I paid for it. Very well done, Angus. Thank you for sharing it.

    PavlovsCat17 December 2021
  • The best free Taiko library

    Angus never fails to break all expectations. This time, it's about a perfectly sampled and programmed percussion library, and everything about it is phenomenal. There are so many different epic percussive sounds, and they all sound amazing. They play amazingly well too, since they are very dynamic, responsive and realistic. On top of that, you have the extra GUI controls to further experiment and fine-tune everything in the way you want. I believe I would actually pay for something like this.
    Kudos to Angus!

    Alex Raptakis17 December 2021
  • OH MY

    Just perfect! A must have percussion library , thank you so much I love those type of percussion!

    ARKAN18 December 2021
  • Oh, What a Sound

    I was always a nerdy fan of Taiko ensemble and this library made me very happy, as it's one of the best I've tried so far. So simple and easy to use, yet with a fantastic sound. Very responsive! Love all of the velocity options.
    A little tip for other nerds out there - try to detune the whole thing for -36
    Buahahaha :D
    Kudos to Angus for fantastic work.

    Andrea Giordani18 December 2021
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