Organic Orchestra

Organic Orchestra is a collection of sounds turned into playable textures, perfect for adding a bit of character and flair to your tracks or some sonic interest buried in the mix....

The story

This is an instrument designed using found sounds turned into playable textures. This project was heavily inspired by some of my favorite soundtracks and I wanted to try and create the best ‘soundscape starter’ that I could that weaves musical tones with textured organic recordings. This free edition of the instrument features a selection of playable textures that were sourced from places and times that were special to me throughout the last couple of years. You can use the sounds as they are, but I find they work best for droning textures that compliment other sounds well like pianos or strings, or just to add a bit of mojo to an otherwise digital sounding sonic palette.

How The Instrument Was Made


Reviews for Organic Orchestra

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  • Great Work !!

    Thanks for your dedication and effort for making this possible .. its so hard to find background sounds like this keep up the good work !! And please keep making this videos

    exootikk music10 March 2022
  • Very Nice Work

    Thank you very much for this work, all inspiration, subtle, very rich and good for composing... Gratitude. I'll make a theme using it and if it's okay with you, I'll put your name as sound designer

    Magluss21 March 2022
  • Natural textures? Yes please!

    This is an INCREDIBLE tool packed at the size of just 80Mb. I absolutely love all the sounds that come off of it, and I highly recommend you check it out and start playing around all those textures. On top of that, it's accompanied by a great GUI design with nice colours, full ADSR settings, a Low Pass filter which I suggest you bind it to CC1/ModWheel, and a nice reverb.

    If I had to complain about one thing, it would be that I'd prefer the keybed to be shifted one octave up by default. Most keyboards can change that in just one click but even that way it's an inconvenience when it comes to bigger projects. Trully awesome nonetheless!

    Alex Raptakis15 March 2022
  • Love this! Just the air I needed!

    Thank you for this creation and tutorial! I totally dig organic samples!
    Side note: please tell me you do voiceovers! You have the perfect voice for VO's. I come from decades of advertising and marketing, and your voice is the voice we advertising producers are searching for. Cheers!!

    Skip Erickson12 March 2022
  • Nice natural pad sounds

    I write a lot of folk / acoustic tracks, so I'm always on the lookout for subtle pads that can fill out the sound a bit behind the instruments without sounding anachronistic. This does a great job of that, especially in the low register where the synth sound is a little less present.

    Some kind of functionality to mix the levels of ambient / synth / etc. would be perfect for this, which looks like it might be available in the 'full version' of the instrument, but I think the free version is usable and useful even without the full customisability.

    Eamon15 March 2022
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