Orchestral Guitar Swarm

Guitars recorded in Spitfire's "Swarms" style.

The story

Inspired by Spitfire’s Mandolin Swarms but being broke as it is appropriate for any true artist, I wanted to create my own little Swarm-like Instrument.Thus I began experimenting with some Guitar Trem Samples I recorded in my bedroom added some Stereo Delay, drenched them in a lush Fab-Filter Reverb, resulting in a first Prototype of what would become OGS. Being surprisingly pleased with the results of my first Kontakt experiment, I decided to expand on this idea and re-recorded the trems in three velocity layers, doubling each sample of my Hanika classical guitar, one panned left, the other right, and adding another guitar, my Epiphone Sheraton Archtop in the middle to provide some more low end weight.

The original version made use of some external plugins; however, I decided it would be a waste not to share this useful little instrument with the world, so I tried my best to recreate the sound within Kontakt.

Reviews for Orchestral Guitar Swarm

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  • I love Swarms

    I love Swarm instruments and this one is no different. Its such a natural and organic way to add interest. The guitar recordings sound great and the way the different swarms interact with each other is beautiful. This is pretty similar to mandolin guitarophone which i also love for these textures. It would be nice to have a controllable GUI but honestly i really like the sound the way it is. Great job

    septemberwalk28 October 2021
  • A nice swarm that shouldn't be overlooked!

    This shimmery guitar swarm is able to produce some very nice sounds. It is sampled wonderfully, there is no audible noise at all, and the range of the instrument is just right. At first I tried playing it using the classic mod-wheel for dynamics, but it didn't work. I noticed though that there are dynamics controled by velocity so that's very nice, but a little weird for a swarm instrument. I would much prefer the modwheel, but it still good enough to get the job done.

    The lack of GUI is a shame, but the instrument is good by itself! With that said, I'd like to have a picture shown just for the sake of the artist's identity and inspirations.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Swarming

    It's a bit of a shame that there isn't more to the GUI because I think I would find this instrument more useful if the tone wasn't so wet. I love the concept!

    Just Bob17 October 2021
  • Swarming Acoustic Guitar

    This is a neat little library. it features a well-recorded and well-played acoustic guitar. Digging in a bit, you discover that a lot of the frozen, granular type sound it offers is actually the result of convolution reverb which can be removed. Replica delay also adds to the character. That too, can be easily removed with a little digging if you prefer. This library would really benefit a lot from some GUI controls for the reverb, delay, and probably volume too. That way, it would be easy to assign MIDI cc's to those parameters to expressively control them in real time. IMHO, that would be the thing which would take this library from really good to amazing.

    Sam Ecoff21 October 2021