On the Tele

A mellow and spacious 1960s Telecaster

The story

A 1960s Telecaster electric guitar, with built-in tremolo, and simple legato via key-switches. This one is not for the shredder! Think more mellow and spacious. Use the mod wheel to reveal reverse and delay effects beneath the notes. The Settings tab allows adjustment of delay and saturation parameters.


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  • Gentle and warm kind of synth sound

    The GUI and the sound made me think of Omnisphere. Vibrant and gentle tone of synth pad. Very beautifully created library!!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • The perfect tremolo sound

    This library does one thing, and does it pretty much perfectly. You get a perfectly rounded tele tone, and the tremolo makes it really great. It's really good without the term too, but it's a sound that as a non-guitarist, I wouldn't think to reach for. Having it presented to me in such as easy to use package is perfect. This library has the perfect combination of a great instrument played by someone who is really skilled, and then great recording chops and excellent Kontakt editing. It's not a swiss army knife of guitar, but it doesn't need to be. It's great at what it does.

    Sam Ecoff24 October 2021
  • Inspirational vintage guitar tone!

    This guitar pack has a great tone with a very vintage sound. Very usable across a range of dark/ noir genres. Noticed when the tone is turned up, the sound does begin to peak- so this could be improved. I'd also love to be able to swell the guitar, which could be done by adding an attack and release envelope to the UI. Overall though this is an excellent sample pack with a clean UI.

    Angus Roberts-Carey11 October 2021
  • A high quality warmth in an electric guitar!

    The low and warm notes are so gorgeously recorded and those upper notes ring out with such character. I stumbled across this instrument on my filesystem, and really regret not having discovered it and added it as a favourite before! It sounds really alive and ready to go if you're looking to add that electric guitars of warmth sound to your music! This one definitely gives paid libraries a run for their money, and stands up really nicely against some of them that I've had the pleasure of using. Thank you for sharing with us, Brendan!

    Andrew Ernst04 April 2022
  • A lovely guitar sound with nice effects!

    This is a very well sampled guitar with some very nice effects to play with and to find your own sound. It sounds lovely, there is no noise to be heard, and everything seems neatly designed. I like the addition of the "extra" guitar noise sounds in the lower registed - they are coloured too!

    I still think that the second tab of the GUI shouldn't hide any more knobs. Everything setting should presented at the first tab, leaving the second just for the sake of having some extra information. Also, since some keyboards don't have a mod-wheel, it would be more proper to have a visible knob that is bound to it, just for the extra convenience.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
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