“MVP” Prototype

Christian's piano sampled. Helped by Kate.

The story

A lady called Kate helped us make our latest piano prototype.


Reviews for “MVP” Prototype

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  • Masterfully sampled, but suffers from a too fast release

    I feel it's a shame that such an amazing sampling job almost goes to waste because of a small setting. This is a beautiful sounding piano that suffers from a terribly fast release envelope setting. This basically means that as soon as you leave the note, the piano just mutes in a very unnatural way. I really wish this was not a problem. I tested the V4 by the way, which I assume is the best one so far.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Beautiful sounding piano

    Great sounding p and mf sample layers. If you watch the video you'll understand the background to this sample pack. For some reason there appears to be no "release" adsR on the samples. This is an easy fix in the Kontakt version - just click spanner, add a "modulator">ahdsr, up the sustain and get rid of the decay and adjust release to taste. It's the same sort of thing in the logic "Sampler", but this seems to be a little broken at the moment... strange behaviour ensues, it works fine for a while but then everything is clipped again... Probably an Apple problem... Anyway, lovely sound, super useful.

    Mark Lord01 November 2021
  • Great recording but one main issue

    The recording of this is pretty great. While i much prefer some of christians felt pianos, it still has a balanced and emotional tone that i think is pretty versatile. The main issue as others have mentioned is the unnatural and sudden release trimming on the samples. This is named a prototype though so its obviously not supposed to be perfect. Its a great start to what could be a really great piano library. Christian has far better pianos on pianobook so there would really be no reason to go back in on this and improve it

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • It's fine...

    Make no mistake that it's a well-sampled instrument, but there's not much that makes it stand out from the hundreds of other pianos here. The high velocity layer is also a little bit harsh when compared to the lower on and the transition can be quite noticeable in some cases.

    Christopher27 October 2021