MS20 Drums

Two shades of drums created with a Korg MS20 mini synthesiser.

The story

Recently I’ve found myself working on more percussion-heavy projects. After spending a long time scrolling through sample folders looking for the sound in my head, I decided that I should make it myself. These drum samples were recorded with my MS20-mini over a few sessions to create two kits. For the first I wanted to feature the monstrous distortion for which the MS20 is known, and for the second I created a more subdued sound to fit into low-key soundscapes. I also included a kit of randomised tones created with the ring modulator and a sample-and-hold patch.

I hope these kits will be as useful to the Pianobook community as they have been to me.

Peter Flint x


Reviews for MS20 Drums

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  • Fun Times

    I really like this little kit... full of character and fun to use..

    PalSheldon21 May 2022
  • Super nice drum patches!

    This is a simple yet great instrument bundle that feaures 3 patches, a main kit, a softer one and another one full of different sound effects. The main patch is simply great, and it's mapped as a generic drum midi instrument, which is very convenient for those who are familiar with that mapping. The sounds are great, especially the kick and the snare(s). The "softer" patch is also good, but I feel it sits more on the lo-fi side. Finaly, the sfx patch contains 41 different samples, which I really wish I had before I finished my most recent music track! Be careful though because that one is very loud by default!

    In all 3 patches you will find a saturation knob that does a great job on altering the sound just enough, along with a filter, a reverb and a delay, which are always welcome.

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022