Mogo I

A pseudo vintage synthesizer, for B-movie feels, with rumbling tremolo and old tape flutter.......

The story

For a recording project, I needed a vintage-sounding synth keyboard, something that sounded retro but not necessarily recognisable such-and-such keyboard from so-and-so era. This instrument, dubbed the Mogo I, is a straightforward sampling of a Fender and Epiphone electric guitars, to simulate said imaginary object, for B-movie feels, with rumbling tremolo and noisy old tape flutter. It was used primarily with a slow attack, and lots of reverb and delay, but you can also dial down those things and it plays reasonably well as a kind of strange electric piano.


Reviews for Mogo I

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  • Instant chills, instant favourite!

    With everything off, this is a smooth pluck-like synthetic sound that can be very quickly transformed into something chilling. Through the amazingly designed GUI, you can add depth and other effects to it, resulting in a goosebump generator. Highly recommended no doubt!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022