Mini Tongue Drum Minikit

A mini tongue drum alongside 5 warped patches......

The story

In an effort to expand on my musical and compositional voice, I decided to buy a cheap tongue drum off the internet and sample it in a dry studio environment, courtesy of the University of Gloucestershire. While sampling a £20 odd tongue drum with a pair of Neumann U87 Ai mics and a pair of AKG C414 mics sounds a little overkill, you can say that in itself stands in as the story that makes this little package stands out. This sample pack contains a tongue drum patch alongside 5 warp patches found in the “warp patches” folder.


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  • Small in size but very interesting!

    This is a little tongue drum that might leave you surprised. There are 5+1 patches to explore here,

    Regarding the main patch, the initial sound is very natural, with a nice attack to it, and though it's less than two octaves long, it plays very nicely. Some notes have very prominent resonances of other notes, for example the F has a strong D below it, which can sound nice if you are playing in Dmin for example, but maybe it can be restrictive in other cases. This is what makes it unique at the same time though, and I like it for this specific reason. I'd personally want it placed one octave lower, but it works this way too.

    The UI offers two mic knobs for the main patch. The rest don't get extra options, expect for Asteria 2.0, that gives you the option to blend the keys and pad in any way you want. The two knobs are pixelated though, and they work horizontally instead of vertically, which can be confusing but they work perfectly fine.

    As a final note, the Space Pluck patch seems to be dropping voices, shutting the initial release suddenly, and the Bass patch seems to have a very delayed attack, though it will work fine when programming.

    Overall I recommend checking it out! It's a nice and creative take on the Tongue Drum!

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022
  • Especially love the warp patches!

    A simple instrument with an infectious tone. The standard patch is, well, a tongue drum, just as it says on the jar. But be sure to open the "Warp Patches" folder, where the samples have been manipulated into lush pads and sci-fi oddities. "Paddington" is my fave.

    Brendan BeeBee23 February 2022
  • Nice tone

    It's a nice simple clean instrument and will work well as an augmented layer on other sounds

    Drifter01 March 2022