Meris Verbs For LABS Soft Piano

The perfect accompaniment to LABS soft piano

The story

This sample set is designed to use in conjunction with Spitfire LABS soft piano which you can download for free here:

Simply arm both this sample set and the LABS soft piano for a super lush reverb created through Meris pedals that were curated to create sounds inspired by the Ridley Scott film BLADE RUNNER.

Signals included are:

Verb 1 – Mercury 7 Lush long reverb with modulation controlling the “modulate” knob of the pedal.

Verb 2 – Mercury 7 Lush descending reverb with modulation controlling the “modulate” knob of the pedal.

Verb 3 – Mercury 7 Lush shimmering reverb with modulation controlling the “modulate” knob of the pedal.

Verb 4  Mercury 7 / Enzo, Ottobit, Hedra mentalness with mod controlling pitchy stuff again.

xtra Blade – A big pad created from Verb 4

xtra Mega Pad – An even bigger one of above

xtra Mega Verb Multi – This is verbs 1,2,&3 mixed together by myself for a really orbital soup!

Find out more about Meris pedals here:


Christian. x

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  • Genius

    For a moment I couldn't get my head around this - when the penny dropped I couldn't quite believe it. What a brilliant idea having the FX separate from the source sound - and it works brilliantly, as well as making you rethink the whole concept of "fx tails". What you have here is in effect and piano fed reverb engine - but don't let that fool you into thinking you need to only use it with piano, let alone the labs soft piano specifically. I tried it with a whole range of instruments and it sounded great, especially guitar. Thank you Christian this it great; however, I fear you may have sent me down a rabbit hole of Lewis Carrollion proportions :D

    Mark Lord04 November 2021
  • Beautiful, soft textured pads!

    What a beautiful textured library! This kind of soft pad sound is my favorite kind of library! xtra blade and mega pad ones have a deep and cinematic sound, each pad is nicely made. This is for all who like versatile pad library.

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • Interesting Idea

    Love the sound of these pads in their own right. They sound great with the soft piano too. It inspires you to play around with them. I like the idea. I normally avoid any piano sound that has a pad tied to it. I like to keep my sounds separate and bring them together if and when I choose to do so. This allows me to do that.

    Ray26 October 2021
  • Cool Idea here

    This is a pretty awesome idea to just have the reverb tails in a patch. You can really use these with anything not just soft piano. I just tried it out with Fracture Sounds Woodchester Piano which is my piano of choice and was really pleased with the dreamy sound. You get some really cool options here and the blade runner one is chaotic and really cool. Its also cool because the reverb feels a little more separated from the piano that it would if you put the reverb directly on the piano which i like the effect of. this is really fun to play around with and you definitely get some cool results.

    septemberwalk04 November 2021
  • Confused

    Great idea… but… I’m a bit confused “arm both this sample and the…etc.”

    Is that as in:-

    1. Load two sample files into one sampler? Don’t think that’s possible.

    2. Feed an audio signal into the sampler to be processed (by the fx sample file)? Don’t think that’s possible but would it be great if samplers could do that.

    3. Load each sample file (Piano and Mercury FX) into their own separate sampler iteration, and play them both at once (same midi channel)? Is that it? That’s the only way I can think of this working.

    Seb20 March 2022
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