Meris Verbs For LABS Soft Piano

The perfect accompaniment to LABS soft piano...

The story

This sample set is designed to use in conjunction with Spitfire LABS soft piano which you can download for free here:

Simply arm both this sample set and the LABS soft piano for a super lush reverb created through Meris pedals that were curated to create sounds inspired by the Ridley Scott film BLADE RUNNER.

Signals included are:

Verb 1 – Mercury 7 Lush long reverb with modulation controlling the “modulate” knob of the pedal.

Verb 2 – Mercury 7 Lush descending reverb with modulation controlling the “modulate” knob of the pedal.

Verb 3 – Mercury 7 Lush shimmering reverb with modulation controlling the “modulate” knob of the pedal.

Verb 4  Mercury 7 / Enzo, Ottobit, Hedra mentalness with mod controlling pitchy stuff again.

xtra Blade – A big pad created from Verb 4

xtra Mega Pad – An even bigger one of above

xtra Mega Verb Multi – This is verbs 1,2,&3 mixed together by myself for a really orbital soup!

Find out more about Meris pedals here:


Christian. x


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  • Great Idea

    It's always nice to give an old classic new life. I used this with the Spitfire Felt Piano, which I think uses the same samples as the soft piano, and it sounds great.

    Spencer Muscio17 October 2021
  • Not just for the LABS Soft Piano

    Truly inspiring set of amazing soundscapes that go well with anything, really. Actually, they work stunningly well on their own, too, having those faint piano notes in the back really adds that bit of shimmer, or haunting presence, to the soundscape. Right out of the box immediate inspiration!

    Marco Iannello13 October 2021
  • More Reverbs??? Yes please!!!

    These are lovely reverbs for the LABS Soft Piano. I'm really glad that these were released, as I've never really loved the bundled reverb for LABS Soft Piano, so having more to pick from is really nice. Especially love how the xtra Blade and xtra Mega Pad sound, totally changes the instrument for the better. I would like to see these turned into Decent Sampler or EXS instruments to avoid the cost barrier of having the full version of Kontakt, but I don't know if there are behind the scenes limitations between the programs.

    Murph Elyria12 October 2021