Toy cat piano sampled on the "meow" setting w/effects....

The story

I was first introduced to this piano by watching the harpist Emily Hopkins on YouTube. She simply ran this little buddy through the JHS Lucky Cat and I was obsessed. Once acquired, I added a line out and it was off to the races. I played my first live show with this buddy and thought maybe someone else might want to experience the joy I have every time I hear “meow.”

Dance of the SugarMeow Faery


Reviews for Meowsic

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  • Lots of fun

    I'd rather see this than yet another piano/guitar/etc sample pack! Great for kind of a niche sound/fun thing to work with.

    georgeguo31 December 2021
  • very cute but not useful for me

    While this is definitely cute and fun its not something i would ever use. Theres nothing wrong with it. The GUI is cute and well designed, the sound is good and you get some cool effects. The distortion gets really gnarly. Its definitely unique for pianobook and i expect some people would find a novel use for this but its just not something i would ever use. Good job anyway though

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • A human "meow"

    This is a simple concept of a human saying the word "meow" across the keyboard in different ranges. It's nice and cute, it's been programmed and sampled nicely, and it offers a few settings to slightly alter the sound.

    It gets boring pretty fast, but I can imagine some fun tracks being created with it. It could have been more interesting if there were actual cat samples, maybe as a bonus.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • I think the cat wants to go out...

    Add some Cat Distortion and reverb and it sounds a bit like one of those late 80's guitar/sampler solos where they would both play in unison - pretty cool as far as it goes. Lower down it's more Art of Noise. Anyone got Trevor's number? I can see a remix coming on - "Owner of a Lonely Cat" anyone? Good fun...

    Mark Lord27 December 2021