Max’s Bentley Upright

A 1950s Bentley upright piano. Sampled using 2x Coles and 2x 414 microphones. Three round robins. Two dynamic layers.

The story

After responding to an advert in the local post office offering a free piano, Max McGuire had the joy of taking home this 1950s Bentley upright piano. Max invited Christian to come sample the piano and so they set about recording it using a pair of Coles and a pair of 414 microphones, sampling with three round robins, two dynamic layers and recording in major triads. The following video follows the process of sampling the piano:



As a Christmas gift, Christian published his version of piano, with post production steps detailed in the following video. The version from Christian, plus some community contributions are available to download on this page.




Reviews for Max’s Bentley Upright

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  • Another beautifully sampled piano!

    I download almost all the pianos available, and this one will be a great addition to the collection! Lower range has such a deep and organic texture and high range has some music box kind of bright texture. Very nice to play with!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • My Go-to Upright Piano For Writing

    I am really enjoying this library and find it very inspirational for improvising and writing new pieces of music - it has a really great character and atmosphere. Sometimes it feels like I only have to load up Max's Bentley and before I know it, another track pours out of me. I really love this piano! My two demo tracks only uses sounds from the library. No effects used other than a tiny bit of EQ and light mastering.

    Stephen Caulfield13 October 2021
  • One of the best sampled Pianos in Pianobook

    This is a must-download for anyone who is looking to up their piano librariy. The quality of the sampling is top-notch and the piano is dynamic too - though the high velocity layers are very loud, so I suggest turning the patch volume down a bit to avoid any possible distortion. The lower velocity samples are very quiet too, but the actual dynamic layers are just two as mentioned in the description. The bonus fx patch lets you do some things such as adding fx or turning the release noises down, which is always welcome.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Really good recording

    This piano is really playable and recording is very great. It sounds very close and clear. Its kind of a bummer that theres only two dynamic layers though, i usually think at least three is needed for a piano to be really superb. This is still really playable and sounds great, some performances dont require that much dynamics but i like to be able to achieve those super quiet dynamics. I also agree with sam that although this is a really good piano, it doesn't really stand out. I have two paid pianos from fracture sounds that are my absolute favorites but i still keep some from pianobook around. Although they aren't as deeply sampled as my free ones they might have unique characteristics like a unique felt response transient for example. Although this is really good i dont feel it offers anything that my fracture sounds pianos dont. Everyone should still give it a try though. It objectively sounds really good and is again, well recorded.

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • A solid piano

    This is a really well sampled piano with great playability, good dynamic response, and some nice options in the Clay LaHatte version. There's very little to complain about here, however, the character isn't anything which is outstanding, either. There's nothing that really distinguishes this piano from the many other well sampled instruments on Piano Book. That's the tough thing. There are now so many really good instruments on the site that it has become harder and harder to stand out. So, this is a worthy download, and a really good piano sample library, but it's one of about 20 libraries on the site that will give you these same good results when you use it. So, it's worth a try in case this is the one library that really inspires you, but I have to confess that it's not the library which really inspires me.

    Sam Ecoff10 November 2021
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